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Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant In Mattress Manufacturing

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 11:16:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant

Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant In Mattress Manufacturing

Natural Fire Retardants used at The Futon Shop:

boric acid

16 CFR Part 1633 is a federal standard in the USA and all manufactured or imported mattresses and mattress sets must meet this standard. To keep with their mission of creating eco-friendly mattresses and furniture, The Futon Shop follows the rules and regulation of 16 CFR 1633 using natural flame retardants. Wool is used in Futon Shop mattresses. It is natural, chemical free, and pesticide free. Our Wool has not been treated with harsh chemicals or harmful pesticides. As a flame retardant, wool is an ideal, natural, non-chemical solution.

Wool as the thermostat

The processes is 100 percent toxin free at certain companies like The Futon Shop. Wool is a magical product with many positive properties. Think of wool as a thermostat. It regulates temperature warming up in cold weather and cooling down in warm weather. It is a jack of all trades in the such markets as mattresses, fashion, flooring, and so on. It is a multifaceted, practical and dependable fiber because of its high resilience to last for years of use. Wool’s strong fibers can withstand years of compact while sleeping because of its strong ventilation and wicking ability.

Wool absorbs 50 percent of its weight from moisture from the body while sleeping and moisture from the air, at the same time repelling mildew. The above are just features why adding wool to a mattress adds a luxurious feel for comfort and a chemical free experience with wool’s natural fire retardant properties. Since wool is a natural fire retardant, any of The Futon Shop’s mattresses with wool would be a great opportunity to sticking with a chemical free and eco-friendly mattress that is safe and comfortable.

Wool is a fire retardant. It has the ability to absorb moisture and its ability to hold up to 50% of its weight in moisture depending of the quality of wool. As tested it has been proven to be a chemically free fire retardant by many studies and is even used in garments for firefighters, soldiers and other areas of work where fire can be exposed. In addition, studies show that when tested on wool, fire spreads slower, and the rate of heat pressure is slower, so that wool is self extinguishing, which leads to less chemicals in the air from smoke in mattresses and other products that use wool.

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