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Chemical Free Sofas* Mattresses* Futons* Pillows* Bedding* Japanese Furniture

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fire retardant and petro-chemical free

Mattresses Handcrafted with Organic & Natural Materials

tfs natural home handcrafted mattresses for everyday organic sleep

We design and hand make the most amazing non toxic chemical free mattresses and futons, all handmade with organic and natural ingredients, because it all starts with the ingredients. By felting our own wool and cotton and PLA fiber, and by acquiring the best natural filling ingredients from around the world, our mattresses can last a lifetime. We handcraft your mattress with soft and luxurious natural fibers using USDA Certified Organic Cotton, Natural and GOTS Certified Virgin Wool, and OEKO-TEX Certified Horsetail, Cashmere and Camel Hair, insuring your mattress is supportive chemical free and naturally meets all fire retardant standards. Firm and Supportive Natural and GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex, OEKO-TEX Long lasting Coconut Coir and Hemp adds unparalleled support allowing your body to recover while promoting sound long lasting comfortable sleep.

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solid cherry, walnut, maple & oak

Natural Bed Frames

Natural Platform Beds Made in Vermont and New Mexico

Beautiful hand crafted solid wood bed frames made in America from sustainable walnut, cherry oak and maple wood, hand rubbed with linseed oil no chemicals or toxins. All our our Natural Platform Beds are made from sustainable hardwoods grown in responsible managed American forests. No formaldehyde emitting glues or fumigated with poisons only simple linseed oil no petroleum or heavy metal toxins. Quality workmanship carved this heavy duty and visually imposing frame directly from naturally finished and polished wood. Featuring this beautiful natural finish simple yet beautifully designed beds with matching dressers and nightstands. Our NAtural Beds offer supportive and sturdy bases for your busy yet peaceful evenings and are sure to be filled with pleasure.

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toxic free organic and natural bedding

Pillows and Bedding Crafted with Natural and Organic Materials

organic bed pillows*sheets* mattress pads & blankets

TFS Natural home, designs and builds each pillow, pad and accessory in our factory in San Francisco. Factory direct handcrafted natural pillows are a must for any bedroom, petro-chemical, and flame retardant free. Our natural and organic pillows offer Open airflow, Natural ventilation, Keeps mold away, Naturally resistant to dust mites, Support for both neck and head, Biodegradable and a renewable resource and non-toxic. Each pillow is Handcrafted with Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Organic latex or Organic Buckwheat Hulls. Try our Waterproof GOTS certified mattress pads and barrier covers, GOTS certified organic cotton sheets and blankets. We got you covered!

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no petro chemicals - no fire retardants

Organic Sofas and Natural Sectionals

custom options & vegan models for any organic sofa

Organic sofas, sectionals, and modern sofa beds made with all natural materials. We use no petroleum based chemicals, no polyurethane foam, no fire retardants, no glues or harmful VOCS & harsh chemicals, just pure and natural ingredients made with your health and comfort in mind. These are our most comfortable and natural pieces of furniture in our entire collection. The back and foundation are designed with a solid wood base covered in coconut coir, latex and wool. For the Vegan we substitute PLA from potato starch instead of wool. You can choose your cushion comfort from any of our 45 mattress designs. We suggest our wool and latex or wool and micro coil designed cushions, although Cashmere, Camel Hair & Horse Tail or PLA can be substituted for any other materiel. Ask a team member for assistance. Comfort has never been this natural and affordable. Sofas, chairs and chaises are available fro every model. Cover each sofa with removable sip covers in Wool, Linen or Cotton Fabrics

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chemical free and natural

Firm Crib Mattresses crafted with organic materials

no fire retardants, petro- chemicals or harmful toxins

Our crib mattresses are Safe and healthy handmade by us in San Francisco. Babies spend most of their hours resting, sleeping and growing on their crib mattress. Protect them from potential allergens and harsh chemicals with one of our our organic and chemical free crib mattress. Ou favorite is the Sweetpea, this 2 sided natural crib mattresses, for extra firm on one side for infants and softer and more forgiving on the other side for toddlers. The virgin wool in our crib mattresses helps to regulate baby's body temperature and wicks away moisture, allowing your baby to sleep more comfortably. The moisture reducing ability of wool also prohibits the growth of bacteria or dust mites, making this mattress not only comfortable but good for your baby's health. The durability, support, and added temperature control of wool make our Snuggles Chemical Free Crib Mattress the perfect choice to keep your baby comfortable year round. The natural ingredients in our Coconut Crib Mattress provide restful sleep to infants and will provide you with the peace of mind that your baby is sleeping naturally and comfortably! We even have a Vegan model with no wool just pure organic cotton because your baby deserves it!

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made in america love seats & full length futon sofas

Walnut, Cherry, Maple & Oak Solid Wood Futon Bed Frames

hand rubbed flax oil finish, no glue, no voc

100% chemical free Futon Frames Solid American Black Walnut, Cherry, Sugar Maple and American Oak from Pennsylvania beautiful and classic Amish simply finished with a hand rubbed linseed oil. Choose From twin full or queen sizes in Loveseat or Full Length Sofa's with matching chairs, coffee or end tables all beautifully hand crafted. Toxic-free made to last a lifetime.

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gots certified organic cotton fabric

Organic Cotton Futon Covers

tfs natural home handcrafted futon covers for everyday organic sleep organic cotton grown gmo and pesticide free

Sleeping and sitting on organic cotton, is the most comfortable fabric in the world. Washable and removable organic cotton futon covers are available in all sizes as well as matching pillows filled with organic cotton or wool. Custom sizes can be ordered as well. Every step of the fabric creating process is done to stringent green standards, from the quality of the seeds used, to the weed & pest control, to the whitening of the cotton, to the type of dyes used. Here at TFS Natural Home we're happy to be able to offer the most ecologically friendly cotton fabric for our futon covers, supporting small business and sustainable agriculture. Our Organic Cotton Fabrics can be cut to any specific length and we can fully customize any product to fit the specifications of your home! Our made to order products are always in stock and hand crafted by our experts in San Francisco so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need to keep your household free of harmful chemicals and live organic! So many colors to choose from you can coordinate your futon perfectly into any room.

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organic cotton, wool, coconut and latex

Natural & Chemical Free Dog Beds

non toxic & petro-chemical free

We love our pets, and our handmade dog beds made with organic cotton shows them the best of our love. Comfortable, our wool fillings are a naturally temperature control for your pet for a more restful and supportive sleep. Need an outdoor bed, choose from our outdoor fabrics when each pet bed is sun and weather resistant. Your pet will thank you. Choose from natural wool, cotton, Latex and firm and supportive coconut fiber. Every pet bed comes with an removable and washable slip cover for easy care. Our pets deserve to sleep as toxic free as we do!

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tatami mats & shikibutons & tatami beds & japanese shoji screen dressers

Japanese Mattresses crafted with Organic & Natural Materials

tfs natural home handcrafted for everyday organic sleep and lounging

Japanese Minimalism in Furniture and Design is an experience of simple beauty in a minimalist environment. Clean lines, simple uncluttered monochromatic colors and features lead the way in this simple clean way of life. Our Japanese furniture is no exception. Our Japanese low to floor furniture and designs offer clean, simple uncluttered options for any room. Our organic and natural floor shikibuton futons can be stacked, rolled or left on the sofabed frame or bed frame.

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organic cotton, waterproof, aloe vera, copper-infused

Organic Mattress Covers & Pads

Add another layer of comfort

Our Mattresses covers and pads are handcrafted with organic and natural ingredients in our factory. Choose from Organic cotton barrier fabric, Waterproof, Aloe vera, and Copper-infused fabric. Easy to wash and dry.

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organic cotton, quilts, blanket, towels

Organic Sheets & Blankets

Organic & chemical free

Our Organic Cotton sheets and blackets will keep you safe, warm and healthy. Years of searching led us to organic cotton so rare, a fiber so long and incredibly soft, we wove it into these exclusive whisper-weight sateen sheets. This bedding is the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and comfort. Sheets are made using no pesticides and carcinogenic chemicals.

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    Certified Organic Ingredients

    We design your mattress with natural and certified organic materials, grown from mother earth. Our mattresses, futons, and bedding materials have been verified by top accredited methods and approved by organic standards. From farm to our factory, to your home, we offer affordable luxury with no middle man. Handmade in San Francisco since 1976.

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    Live Better With Healthy, Sustainable Solutions

    Chemical Free Mattresses and Eco Friendly Futon Mattresses for your home are made for everyday use. We know the verification it takes when pursuing a healthy and toxic free lifestyle, so we have been fully certified every step of the way from farm to your family. Our Chemical Free Eco Friendly Futon Mattresses are made only with Pure Natural Dunlop Latex, Natural Virgin Wool, Pocket Coils Springs, and encased in USDA certified Organic Cotton. Purchase a mattress hand crafted in San Francisco, California and live the difference! With The Futon Shop you can rest assure that you are providing your family with the very best.

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    Learn How To Sleep Chemical Free

    By choosing the right products for your family you are greatly reducing the amount of harmful fire retardants and PCDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) your family is exposed too. Flare ups, skin irritation and the body’s ability to detoxify, regenerate, and rejuvenate can be greatly impacted by chemical exposure from conventional sleep products. Growing families should do their research on any product they buy since toxic mattresses pose higher risk for infants and children. Because their bodies are rapidly developing and growing, their faster metabolic processes make them more susceptible to the toxins in their environment.

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    A Mission That Matters

    If you are looking for our Most Popular Best Selling Futon Frames you have come to the right place. Hardwood, wallhugger, as well as modern sofa bed frames are available in all sizes and finishes. Every frame is held in stock at San Francisco so your order is ready for immediate delivery in California! Bed frames and sleeper sofas from The Futon Shop are all made with high quality, natural, and sustainable materials. We believe a natural household free of harmful toxins should be achievable at any budget so we make it our priority to seek natural materials for the products we manufacture and retail. We also specialize in custom manufacturing our covers and mattresses in all sizes with natural materials to help you achieve a chemical free bedroom. The benefits of chemical free furniture extends from the environmental protection to your family's health.

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