How To Buy Futon Covers?

How To Buy Futon Covers?

A Comprehensive Guide to Buy Futon Covers!

A futon is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture since it can serve both as a couch and a bed. It’s perfect for tiny apartments or houses since it can be used in various settings, from an office to a guest room when you have company.

You may think of a cheap metal bed with a flimsy mattress when you hear the term “futon,” but nowadays, you can get elegant and high-quality futons at any price range. Bed frames are available in various shapes, sizes, materials (such as wood or metal), and designs, and they may fit various mattress forms. With the information in this purchasing guide, you can choose a futon cover confidently and have it last for years.

How To Buy Futon Covers?

Futons are sofa beds that have frameworks that are both foldable and versatile. The demands of the buyers will determine whether the furniture is purchased as a sofa, a bed, or both.

Futons may be used as a bed when folded down and as a chair or couch when upright. When shopping for a futon mattress cover, it’s essential to consider how you’ll use it formally and informally.

When choosing to purchase a futon slipcover and pillows, there are many options to consider. A few options include, color, material, or synthetic versus organic fabric, to name a few. The first and most important option when selecting a futon slipcover is the size.

It’s Best to Always Measure Your Futon

Futon covers will come in different sizes and thicknesses. Some futon mattresses may not conform to standard mattress sizes, so be sure to check the actual dimensions of your mattress versus that of the slipcover. If your mattress falls within an inch or two of the futon slipcover size, it should fit. The most common futon mattress slipcovers sizes are: Full 54” x 75”, Queen 60” x 80”, Twin 39” x 75”, Loveseat 54” x 54”, Loveseat Ottoman 21” x 54”, Chair 28” x 54” and Chair Ottoman 21 x 28”. Loveseat futon mattresses are typically 2 piece mattresses, so be sure to check that futon slipcover you are purchasing includes both the cover for the body of the mattress well as the ottoman.

How To Buy Futon Covers?

The slipcover thickness or loft is another consideration. With all of the different types of mattresses on the market ranging from your basic cotton mattress all the way up to latex and wool, the thicknesses vary from 5 inch thickness up to as much as 11 inches. Be sure you check with the seller what the loft is of the slipcover you are purchasing. Most standard slipcovers come with a 6-8 inch loft, which will accommodate most futon mattresses.

Material Choice

Futons used to be mattresses placed on the floor in Japanese homes, but now they often include a metal or wooden frame to keep the bed in place. A futon made with a hardwood frame will have arms and resemble a conventional couch in appearance. It’s a fantastic alternative if you use it mainly as a sitting and sometimes as a bed, since it’s heavy and more challenging to move around. On the other hand, a futon with a metal frame is often armless and has a more modern, minimalist look. This futon is often more portable and straightforward to transform into a bed.

Make Use of Different Futon Cover Sizes

Consider whether you’d want to use a futon mattress cover. Here’s your chance to specify your favorite shade and texture! You can go with either a plain color or a pattern. As far as the fabric is concerned, you can take your pick from cotton, microsuede, and microfiber. While some mattresses may come with a waterproof cover, this is not the case for most. Your mattress price will increase or decrease accordingly.

Decorative Throw Pillows come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The three main shapes are square, rectangular, and cylindrical (bolster). Smaller throw pillows, such as the 15"x15" square are ideal for smaller futon frames our couches and are more often than not, used purely for decoration. Larger throw pillows can be used as back, foot, or seat support cushions. 20" square cushions may be used.

Usually you can buy a futon slipcover or pillow cover where you buy your futon mattress, whether it’s off the shelf or customized to fit.

Have a backup plan

It’s always advisable to have a spare futon cover, in case the one you’re using gets dirty or torn. An extra cover means you’ll never have to sleep on a naked futon. You may switch to a new cover for each season or holiday if you prefer to keep things interesting at home.

How To Buy Futon Covers? What's The Best Mattress Cover?

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How To Buy Futon Covers?


How To Buy Futon Covers?



How To Buy Futon Covers?

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How To Buy Futon Covers?

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