Pillow Sizes - Bed Pillow Sizes

Pillow Sizes - Bed Pillow Sizes

Pillow Type Sizes
Standard Bed Pillow 20"x26"
Queen Bed Pillow 20"x30"
King Bed Pillow 20"x36"
Latex Bed Pillow 16"x24"
Body Pillow 14"x34"
Side Sleeper Pillow 13.75"x45"

Standard Bed Pillows

If you are choosing the right pillow size for your home, it is important to consider both the size of your bed and your sleeping habit. For instance, if you sleep alone on a queen bed size, choosing two standard-sized pillows is more than enough. These provide plenty of room for comfortable head and neck support while you sleep. However, if you share the bed with another person, getting two queen sized pillows would be better as they fill up most of the space on a queen-sized bed without taking up too much space. Ultimately, choosing the right sized pillow for you is key to having a restful night's sleep!

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Sleep Position

Depending on sleep position, the right pillow can help support your neck, shoulders and head, ensuring your sleep posture is maintained at night. Whether you sleep on your back, side or sleeping on your stomach, there’s a type of sleeping pillow perfect for you.

Side Sleepers Bed Pillows

If you're a side sleeper, then you know the unique comfort it offers - it allows your entire body to relax while sleeping, leading to more restful sleep overall. Not only that, but sleeping on one side also puts pressure off of your spine, giving your back the support it needs for sound sleeping. And when combined with the right pillow and sleeping surface, side sleeping can prove to be even more comfortable and beneficial for your health as a whole.


bed pillow sizes

Back Sleeper Bed Pillows:

The Organic Latex Bed Pillow sets the bar for high quality back sleeper pillows. It's made of Dunlop Latex, which is an all-natural material that contains no chemical additives. As such, it offers superior, durable neck support and pillow life, making it perfect for back and side sleepers alike. Allergy-prone? Don’t worry! Our Natural Dunlop Latex Pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. You can also rest easy knowing that the cushions won’t support mildew or bacteria. Thanks to these features and its unparalleled comfort, the Organic Latex Bed Pillow remains one of the most sought-after sleeping surfaces today.

Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillows:

If you’re a side sleeper in search of the perfect pillow, think about the body-contouring benefits of a side pillow. This special pillow is designed to support your side throughout the night, aligning your spine and taking pressure off of your shoulder. Whether you use it to sleep on at night or nap on during the day, side pillows can provide that extra boost of comfort and support. When shopping for one, keep an eye out for the right firmness and thickness that best fits your sleeping positions.


We all know how important a good night's sleep is - aches and pains may be amplified when we don't get enough rest. Having the right pillow can make all the difference in getting that much needed beauty sleep. Natural sleep bed pillows provide just the right comfort and healing for your body, no matter what sort of tosses and turns you have throughout your slumber. To make sure the pillow is of ideal size for you, use a measuring tape to match it to your own proportions. Get ready to say goodbye to aches and pain, and hello to sweet dreams and amazing sleep!

We offer pillow sizes in Eastern King, California King, Standard Double, Full, twin, or any custom sizes. Everyone’s personal preference plays a factor in choosing the right pillow to guarantee comfort, as well as height and firmness. You can choose alternative fill such as a latex pillow, buckwheat pillow, wool pillow, or even kapok pillow. Not only should your pillow selection be based on safety and prevention of neck strains with evenly distributed support, but also selecting them thoughtfully for long-term comfort, since many factors affect how comfortable and restful your sleep will be at night.

A good measure of a Bed pillow is not just in comfort, but also in the support it can offer and how well it fits the size of your bed. While you have very likely found a few pillows that bring more comfort than support, or vice versa, it is important to find a balance between the two so as to get an optimal sleep experience each night. It is equally important to measure your pillow carefully against the size of your bed; too small and you may not be fully supported while too large and they can look sloppy. Finding the right measure will ensure there are no gaps or bumps where your body makes contact with the bed which can disrupt a comfy sleep.

Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows

Pillows with natural ingredients are a great option for those who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities. Hypoallergenic and chemical-free pillows are often filled with Dunlap Latex and natural fibres such as wool and cotton. All of these materials have antibacterial properties that help to reduce the presence of mold, mildew, and dust mites. These products are not only healthier for sleepers, but they also provide much more support during sleep than standard synthetic pillows. Natural ingredients can bring comfort to allergy sufferers while also keeping their bedrooms healthy and safe.

Finding The Right Size

Whether you have a king size bed or a twin, one seemingly small thing can make an immense difference in your sleep: the right pillow! Finding the best bed pillow is crucial; it should support your head and keep your neck in alignment with your spine. A good pillow should be comfortable, but not too soft; think of it as finding the perfect balance between structure and support.

When it comes to picking the perfect pillow, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The standard size pillow works well for those who prefer a more minimalistic look and need standard support for their neck and head. For a cozier bed, try a queen or king size pillow, which are both larger than standard pillows and offer additional support while allowing you to sprawl out in comfort. For a twin or full size mattress, a standard size pillow will work.

If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, don’t miss out on a standard queen king for a body pillow; these larger rectangular cushions provide extra comfort for side sleepers whether sleeping in the home or on the go. Travelers might also appreciate the small yet supportive comfort of a travel pillow, designed to aid restful sleep during long trips on planes, trains, cars and beyond. Wherever life takes you, let the power of proper sleep follow with the perfect pillow!

The importance of sleep

While many of us underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep, scientists have long understood just how powerful and beneficial it can be including the connection between sleep and the immune system. According to a recent article in Houston Methodist Leading Medicine, Dr. Randall Wright says that sleep is like a balance of comfort and support for our bodies. During a full night’s rest, we boost the levels of chemicals we need in order to restore balance and keep our immune systems functioning properly. So, the next time you find yourself tossing and turning or staying up late into the night, it may be worth considering if you’re doing enough to ensure your body has all the support it needs. You can pick from any of our standard pillow cases or customize if you need thin pillow or a thicker pillow, 20 inches by 54 inches or any size you would like.


Alternative Pillow Sleeping Experience:

Japanese bedding is another way to enjoy sleeping with a different size of pillow option. An alternative pillow set instead of standard size. Choose our square pillows in our throw pillow collection. These square pillows provide a softer, more welcoming feel than the traditional alternative. Additionally, many Japanese beds also have a low platform or tatami mats which further enhances the warm and cozy feeling for those sleeping on it. There's no denying that Japanese bedding can really help to create a comforting space for sleepers!


It doesn't matter if you've got a king-size bed or just a single, the perfect bed pillow is essential for the best night's sleep. Standard king and queen pillows fit perfectly into king and queen size beds, but for those who like their sleeping space a little cosier, body pillows are great for providing an extra layer of comfort. With so many different shapes, sizes and types available to choose from, finding the right bed pillow isn’t hard – using it is! So no matter your mattress size, make sure you pick out a king/queen/body pillow that will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

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