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Futon Mattresses

Explore our range of Futon mattresses for the ultimate sleep comfort. Offering wool, cotton, latex, shiki, and spring options to suit every sleep preference.

organic futons mattresses

Wool Futon Mattresses

Discover the unbeatable flame-resistant properties of wool futon mattresses, ensuring your family sleeps safely through the night!

organic futons mattresses

Cotton Futon Mattresses

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with affordable comfort on our organic cotton futon mattresses, ensuring you sleep soundly every night.

shiki futons, Japanese futons mattresses

Latex futon Mattresses

Indulge in unparalleled comfort and luxury with our latex futon mattresses, transforming your sleep experience into a blissful retreat.

natural latex futon mattresses, organic latex futon mattresses

Shiki Futon Mattresses

Experience the authentic comfort of traditional Japanese futons with our shiki futon mattresses, perfect for modern living in small spaces or as a versatile floor mattress solution.

A Little Futon History:

Futon History

What is a Futon?

A futon is a versatile piece of furniture that originated in Japan, serving as both a seating arrangement and a bed. Typically consisting of a mattress and a frame, futons offer the flexibility to transform from a couch-like seating position to a flat sleeping surface. They are popular for their space-saving design and suitability for small living spaces, making them an ideal choice for apartments, dormitories, or guest rooms. In recent years, futons have evolved to incorporate various materials and styles, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

At The Futon Shop, we offer a versatile selection of futons and daybeds, perfect for any home seeking both comfort and functionality. Our futons serve as stylish seating arrangements during the day and easily transform into cozy beds for overnight guests. When selecting the ideal futon bed, consider complementing your decor with a matching futon mattress, ensuring both comfort and aesthetic cohesion. 

Indulge in ultimate eco-friendly comfort with our organic futon mattresses. Crafted with natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, wool, and latex, our organic futon mattresses offer unparalleled support and breathability. Free from harmful chemicals and synthetic additives, these mattresses provide a safe and healthy sleeping environment for you and your loved ones. Experience the luxurious feel of organic materials while contributing to a more sustainable future with our premium selection.

Complete your futon experience with our extensive range of futon covers. From vibrant patterns to elegant solids, our collection offers the perfect complement to your mattress, allowing you to express your unique style and enhance the aesthetic of your living space. Made from high-quality materials and featuring durable construction, our futon covers not only add a touch of personality to your futon but also provide protection against spills and stains. With the widest selection available, you're sure to find the ideal cover to match your taste and elevate your futon mattress to new levels of comfort and style.