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Eco Sofa Pepper Modern Natural Latex Sofa Bed

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Eco Sofa - Natural Couch Latex Upholstered Sofa Sleeper - No Petro Chemicals - No Fire Retardants

The Eco Sofa - Our Latex Based Best Modern Sofa Bed designed for your comfort and health in mind. Featuring Micro Pocket Coils, Natural Coconut Coir, Natural Dunlop Latex and Wool. Add it all up and it's the perfect solution for a healthy and happy surface for both sitting and sleeping. Available in both full and queen sizes.. Perfect for small space living.

Available in Slate, Brown, Pepper & Custom

Eco Sofa Pepper Sofa Bed - Modern Chemical Free Sofa Bed - Natural Latex Sofa Bed

100% Natural - No Petro Chemicals - No Fire Retardants

The Eco Sofa - Our Newest Modern Sofa Bed is crafted with natural latex, pocketed micro-coils, coconut coir and Wool. No petroleum based chemicals, no polyurethane foam just pure and natural ingredients made with your health and comfort in mind. The eco-orlando sofa is our most comfortable and space saving casual convertibles with modern pocket coils, a coconut coir base, and a latex core for padding. Add it all up and it's the perfect surface for both sitting and sleeping. The smooth, stain resistant and durable fabric is easy to clean and designed for high traffic areas. Not only that, but it feels soft and luxurious on your skin.

• 100% petro chemical free
• 100% Chemical Flame Retardant Free
• Durable All Weather Fabric, Stain Resistant
• Modern micro pocket coils
• Coconut coir
• Latex core
• Unique European pop up mechanism to allow easy conversion.
• No assembly required.
• Limited Warranty.

Eco-Orlando Chemical Free Space Saving Upholstered Sofa Bed Futon

Eco Sofa Positions

Sofa Position

Eco Sofa Dimensions

Lounge Position

Eco Sofa Dimensions

Bed Position

Eco Sofa Dimensions


  A B C
Full Sofa Position 66.5" 39" 38.2"
Full Bed Position 66.5" 19" 78.3"
Queen Sofa Position 73.2" 39" 38.2"
Queen Bed Position 73.2" 19" 78.3"

Sofa Position


Bed Position


Eco Sofa Details

More Information
Product Dimension Diagram

Size A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches)
Full Double Sofa66.503938.2
Full Double Bed66.501978.3 
Queen Sofa73.23938.2
Queen Bed73.21978.3 

Size: Weight:
Full Double220 lbs.
Queen250 lbs.


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Yes absolutely. We recommend the eco-sofa for sleeping every night. Learn more about Can You Sleep On An Organic Sofa Bed Every Night?

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