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Clearance Futon Covers

Shop our clearance futon covers with FREE SHIPPING. If you are looking for the best futon mattress covers with free shipping, you have come to the right place. See our organic cotton, outdoor, microfiber, solid, patterned, textured, chenille, cotton, custom futon covers. 

We offer the best selection of futon slipcovers made from the best natural ingredients. Sleep naturally, live well, and help our planet. Our clearance futon covers are available in full size and queen size. See our line of the futon covers for sale and learn more about The Futon Shop below!

  • Design Any Room

    Design Any Room

    The perfect options for any living room. Just click on the futon mattress cover of your choice and you will find matching or complimentary pillow suggestions to complete your look or take a minute to view our Organic Cotton Pillows and Bedding to see what's in store!

  • Chemical Free, A Mission That Matters

    Chemical Free, A Mission That Matters

    About 25% of the world's insecticide use and more than 10% of the world's pesticides is used on cotton crops. Some of these chemicals are considered to be the most toxic chemicals in the world. 

    The health risks of pesticide exposure include birth defects, reproductive disorders, and weaker immune systems. With so many products made from cotton, we are all exposed to these chemicals at some point. Our cotton is USDA Certified Organic. 

    It does not contain these chemicals and has been grown using non-gmo seeds. Organic farming is a powerful tool in the fight against global warming. It reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and stores carbon in the soil where it boosts soil fertility instead of releasing it to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Organic farming just makes sense for people and for the planet.

    Learn more about Chemical Free Mattress Ingredients.

  • Full Sets Ship For Free!

    Full Sets Ship For Free!

    If you are looking for easier to navigate options be sure to check our free shipping sets. We have chosen our most popular options and compiled easy to build futon sets for your convenience and affordability. Whether your furniture is meant for everyday or occasional use we have a full range of frames in styles and finishes. Achieving the right look is easy since you can view a list of frames, mattresses, and covers all on the same page!

    Visit our free shipping sets here!.

  • Durable, Comfortable, Classic Suede

    Durable, Comfortable, Classic Suede

    While suede is a classic, stylish option for fabrics that is commonly used as a lining for many products because of its soft hand. Due to its textured nature and open pores, suede is highly likely to get dirty and quickly absorb liquids when exposed to the elements. 

    By using microsuede, microfiber knit blend fabric with a soft finish a material is created that has more pull, more resistance to dirt, and less prone to stains so your living room stays protected. Microsuede has a soft hand and similar properties of actual suede leather with added benefits.

  • Polyester Poplin Woven Fabrics

    Long Lasting Elegance

    Knit fabrics are far more flexible so they move with the body, stretching and expanding as necessary, this makes them more comfortable but also a significantly less durable material. Our weaves are commonly found as the best match for families, their uniquely comfortable and outlast most other fabrics. 

    Knit fabric is comfortable but does not last and is not meant for heavy duty use because of the overall stretchiness. Woven fabrics are stronger, more rigid, and hide stains easily, this makes a woven fabric a great decision for long lasting functionality. With our woven chenilles line you now can choose durable woven fabrics no matter what softness or hand you are looking for!

  • 100% Recycled Polyester

    100% Recycled Polyester

    Recycled polyester is one of the most sustainable fabrics on the planet and is the most sustainable fabric used in outerwear today. Recycled materials are transformed to create quality performance fabric that is soft and stretches. Recycling polyester uses less energy than producing virgin polyester, various studies conclude up to 50% of the energy normally used is conserved when manufacturing recycled polyester compared to virgin polyester.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Quality Craftsmanship

    If you are looking for natural organic cotton, easy to clean microfiber, weather resistant outdoor covers, modern designs, the newest prints or soft chenille's look no further! They are all ready for you to customize right here! We have everything you need paired with the expertise needed to get the job done right!

    When you are searching to equip your room with the right look, feel, size, and function that you can fall in love look no further! Whatever type of space or job we do indoor, outdoor,modern, classic, practical, and custom designs with no situation too small so consult with us by calling today!

  • No Hassle Cleaning

    No Hassle Cleaning

    These removable covers are machine washable! To make caring for your futon or mattress as easy as possible choose a customized cover! These handcrafted covers live up to the wear and tear. They are a great choice for protecting your futon mattress from spills, dirt, pet hair and wetness while adding personality! 

    Whether you are looking for patterns, solids, brights, neutrals, woven fabrics, or even soft textured there is an option for you and your family and guests to fall in love with the moment they relax!

    Our futon slipcovers are comfortable, durable options to protect your mattress or futon. Organic Cotton and waterproof covers are available to add comfort, personable touch, and add years of life to your mattress or futon while keeping your family free of harmful chemicals used in synthetic fibers. 

    By purchasing a cover from The Futon Shop you are making a choice to bring products into your home that are better for your family and better for your budget!

  • Choices Made Easy

    Choices Made Easy

    For those who are unable to visit one of our 11 retail stores in California we want you to still have the choice to consider your color and fabric options in your home. We want to help you give new meaning to the phrase "shopping online from home!"

    The Futon Shop has hundreds of comparable fabric options of all different feels, colors, and styles. Although you can read to compare the qualities and benefits of each. We want you to experience our quality fabrics by sending swatches to you by mail.

    Get your fabric swatch here. Please include the desired mailing address and the title of fabric.

  • Add Dimension & Character

    Add Dimension & Character

    Piping is the welting that is sewn on your futon cover wherever there are seams. This decorative addition makes a futon mattress look more like a cushion or a conventional box spring style mattress. Many feel this simple embellishment to their mattress or futon cover greatly adds to the look of their futon and gives extra visual dimension. 

    For the piping you can choose the same fabric or a contrasting fabric, depending on what look you are going for. Mix and match to create a futon that is as stunning visually as it is comfortable to sleep on. 

    If you want a square linear look to your futon just add piping. You may use a coordinating fabric or the same fabric to match your futon cover for thousands of stylistic possibilities. Only your imagination is the limit of our options!

    Instructions to purchase: First choose futon cover or pillow and add it to your cart. Then click the add piping button to add it to your cart as if you were purchasing a regular item. Enter the piping fabric number/color into the comments when you check out in the shopping cart. If there are any issues feel free to email us at!

  • Support Small Business In America

    Support Small Business In America

    Since 1976 our company has grown to include hundreds of different products, provide jobs for over 47 employees and include 11 retail stores throughout California. We believe the world deserves an affordable choice for chemical free living options and do our best to educate recent changes in Federal standards for furniture in order for every family to live healthy and toxin free. 

    When you choose to buy locally, the value of any product “Made in the USA” represents more than just a victory for small business in America, it means a victory for our neighborhoods as well! We choose not to outsource our manufacturing to anyone else for many reasons. In order to bring you chemical free solutions we carefully monitor the process from start to finish in order to Provide Affordable Made In America Products for Completely Organic lifestyles.

  • Shopping Local? Visit Us Today!

    Shopping Local? Visit Us Today!

    If you are shopping locally we encourage you to stop by any one of our 11 retail stores where you can experience the genuine feel of any one of our mattresses in person. Our products are manufactured at our company headquarters located at 2150 Cesar Chavez St. in the heart of San Francisco, California. Since our humble beginning in Los Angeles we have stayed true to our mission of providing practical and affordable quality furniture solutions while pioneering our unique line of Chemical Free Sleeping Products.

    For those buying online, remember that we can ship to anywhere in the United States. Take a look at any one of our Store Locations!

  • We Are Available 7 Days A Week

    We Are Available 7 Days A Week!

    We do our best to make ourselves available and encourage you to contact us in regard to any questions regarding the quality of our products. Our stores are open 7 days a week so our experts are available during normal pacific time business hours. For delivery inquiries please contact our shipping department which is open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm and we will be happy to serve you!

    If you are looking to get in touch with a representative try our contact us page, give as a call at 1-800-44-FUTON, or contact an expert at one of our 11 California Locations!