Best Japanese Futon Sets

Japanese Futon Set - What's the best futon bed with mattress?

What's the best futon bed with a mattress? Selecting the ideal futon mattress for convertible futon bed with a mattress hinges on personal taste; however, highly recommended choices include the PureComfort and Tranquility futon mattresses, which when combined with a solid wooden frame, deliver comfort, adaptability, and environmental sustainability to suit a multitude of living environments.

"UnIike a bed, a futon isn't a piece of furniture, dominating the bedroom. A futon serves its purpose when needed, at night, but then it disappears into a closet with ease."

Best Japanese Futon Sets:
Eastern Traditional Japanese Style:The Japanese Futon Set

Japanese futon sets embody the essence of simplicity and the Zen concept of 'Wabi-Sabi,' which finds beauty in imperfection and transience. The classic Japanese Futon Set includes a shikifuton (Japanese futon mattresses), a tatamimat for support, and a cover for protection and aesthetics. (optional - you might just want to put bedding)

The Wabi-Sabi Set, with its minimalistic design, can easily be stored away during the day, freeing up living space for other activities.

For those who prefer a stationary bed, the Japanese sofa bed set features the Okinawa frame—a low wooden platform that supports the futon mattress, topped with a stylish cover for a cozy and inviting lounge area.

In the quest for designing you living space with function and space efficiency, the futon set is often an ideal choice. Futon sets are functional, minimalistic, and comfortable. But what is a futon? Origin: Japan. Japanese Defition: Bed. Western Futon Definition: Sofa into bed. Futon sets can be categorized in three sections. Traditional Japanese Floor Bed, Western Futon Sofa bed, and Modern Sofa Bed Set. How does a futon transform your living space?
See below the three categories.

Western Style Futon Sofa

Transforming Western Futon includes the futon mattress, frame, and cover.

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Two styles of operating style: bi-fold (sofa bed) and tri-fold (loveseat) configurations

The Perfect piece of furniture for dual-use purpose: Guest Room, Home office. Sleep overs, lounging and relaxing in a kids play room, apartment, studio, tv room and outdoor seating.

Western Futon Frames are generally made by wood. The metal frames are not as sturdy. Wooded frames are more durable, customizable, aesthetically appealing, sustainable, and eco friendly.

"Futons have long been synonymous with college dorms—but not all sofa beds are as creaky or uncomfortable as those from your undergraduate years. These days, the best futons are handsome, well-constructed options that fit seamlessly into any living space—and that can, when the need arises, fold out into a bed."

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Futon Mattresses

At TFS, we offer a variety of futon mattresses starting with our luxurious 8-inch thick high density options, complemented by our Shikibuton futon mattresses available in both 3-inch and 5-inch thicknesses for tailored comfort. When considering a multi-functional piece of furniture, particularly for compact living spaces, the flexibility of a futon mattress is an unrivaled feature. These versatile mattresses are specifically designed to bend and conform with ease, nestling perfectly into the lines of their accompanying futon frame. Whether it's transforming from a comfortable sofa into a cozy bed or the reverse, the advantages of a bendable futon mattress are manifold. They not only facilitate a swift and effortless transition between configurations but also maximize the efficient use of space — an essential consideration for studio apartments, guest rooms, or any area where functionality is key.

In addition to their practical versatility, bendable futon mattresses like the Pure Comfort or Tranquility futon mattress — which include layers of natural and organic springs, wool, and latex — enhance the comfort level. These materials are chosen not only for their flexibility but also for their supportive properties, allowing the mattress to adapt to the natural contours of the body and provide a restful, personalized sleep experience. For those looking for both convenience and comfort in their furniture choices, a futon mattress that can seamlessly integrate into a futon bed for any living space.

It's whats inside that counts

Organic Cotton

Naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation, and doesn't tend to irritate the skin

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Organic Wool

High-quality wool prevents moisture buildup, while also acting as a natural fire retardant

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Natural Latex

Long Lasting support, while Providing spinal relief and pressure relief

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Coconut Coir

Optimal airflow, allowing for a cool and comfortable sleeping environment

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Futon Mattress Dimensions

When choosing the right futon set for your home, the first thing is to measure your space and then understand the dimensions of the futon set of your personal choice. You'll find loveseat sizes in twin, double/full size, and queen size options, and sofa bed styles primarily in double/full and queen, ensuring there's a futon set catered for every space.

Best Japanese Futon Sets
Best Japanese Futon Sets

Generally, futons come in two folding mechanism styles — the bi-fold and the tri-fold. Bi-folds/Sofa beds fold once along the length of the mattress, effectively halving its length when converted into a sofa. This is the more common design, reminiscent of a traditional sofa bed, and is a fantastic choice if you plan to use it primarily for seating during the day and as a bed at night. On the other hand, tri-folds fold three times across the width of the mattress, and may incorporate an ottoman as a third section, which can be stowed away when not in use. The tri-foldls smaller footprint when folded makes it an ideal selection for a small space or for a more versatile furniture arrangement. Here's a simple takeaway: opt for a bi-fold futon/Sofa beds for larger spaces and regular sleep use, and consider a tri-fold for compact areas and utmost space flexibility.

TFS & Sustainability

Experience eco-conscious living with the TFS Futon Set: minimalistic design, renewable resources, and biodegradable elements for a greener footprint.( with an image) Today's high quality tufted futon mattresses celebrate the movement towards natural and organic materials, such as natural cotton filling, wool, latex, and springs, instead of petrochemical options like a memory foam futon. These sustainably sourced materials underscore a commitment to producing eco-friendly, non-toxic products. The availability of vegan options and the use of FSC-certified

Futon Covers & Care

Futon covers are an integral part of the set, not only for protecting the mattress but also for adding a personalized touch to your space. Futon removable covers come in a variety of fabrics—linen, cotton, hemp, wool, and various textured options—that are often washable, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.


Futons are the epitome of practicality for smaller spaces, unifying comfort with function. Whether your preference leans towards the clean lines and natural warmth of an Amish frame or the sleek simplicity of traditional Japanese bedding, futons prove to be versatile furnishing choices. They cater not only to your spatial constraints but also to aesthetic leanings and comfort requirements. Futons are a great substitution to a pull out bed with toxic memory foam mattress or weak springs that give out.

Best Japanese Futon Sets


Best Japanese Futon Sets

Back pain - gone. Allergies - much improved - Shikifuton Review

My back pain on this mattress has disappeared (took 2 nights to get used to) and my allergies have never been better. The ability to roll it up for the day is such a space saver as well.

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Beautifully Crafted, Very Comfortable- Futon Mattress Review

I spent a lot of time reviewing different futons before deciding on this one, and it has been great for sleeping. It is also a beautifully crafted item, worthy of admiration for that alone. Completely recommend.

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Fixed my back!- Futon Mattress Review

live had chronic back issues all my life and this mattress fixed it! My posture has improved overnight. Hefty and well made construction and comfy for me, but for others it might be too firm. Would buy again!

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Comfortable, soft, perfect - Futon Mattress Review

Incredibly comfortable! Right amount of firmness yet still soft and comfy. When I've had a couple guests sleep over, I used a mattress pad fitted sheet to ensure the love seat portion didn't slide. Not sure I had to do that though considering the slip resistant stickers I added to the futon and love seat worked great! Highly recommend it.

Best Japanese Futon Sets

Futon frame Review

My wife and I live in downtown Chicago where space is at a premium, and when we had our little boy we knew that we needed to create more space for the little dude! This mattress frame as well as the mattress we bought from the futon shop have given our little guy more room to take over the house!