What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?

What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?

What mattress or futon is the best if I have back problems?

The bottom line is the best mattresses or futons for back pain are those that provide natural support and alignment of the spine, while in any position on the mattress or futon.

There is no single mattress style or type that works for everyone, despite what some bed in a box companies would try to have you believe. Although, any mattress that helps someone sleep without pain and stiffness is the best mattress for that individual. A good mattress should provide back support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The correct amount of back support also helps you avoid muscle soreness in the morning.

If you suffer from back pain, it can be difficult to find a mattress with adequate support and comfort. Choosing an organic mattress that supports and aligns your spine in every sleeping position, is crucial to your quality of sleep. Because of the natural ingredients, our futons and organic mattresses provide significant pressure relief to areas like your hips, neck and shoulders.

How To Find A Comfortable Mattress?

Are you all set to shop for a mattress? However, before you book one for yourself or visit a brand, consider a few key points to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

Your Sleeping Position

You are bound to sleep on your back, stomach, or side. This sleeping position can help you choose the healthiest mattress and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Check out which mattress is the best-suited for you, depending on your sleeping position:

Side Sleepers

If you have a habit of sleeping on your side, your hips and shoulders will experience some pressure. The best futon for sleeping will be a soft mattress that releases all the pressure from these body points.

Several side sleepers find memory foam mattresses the best option for support and comfort.

Back Sleepers

Do you sleep on your back? If yes, a soft mattress may not be right for you as it does not align your back while asleep.

A firm mattress with foam and coil is the best solution for a good night's sleep.

Stomach Sleepers

Most healthcare service providers suggest changing this sleeping position for healthy living. However, this position increases stress on your spine, so it is best to change your sleeping position.

Besides, this sleeping position can cause neck and back pain.

Regardless, if you only enjoy peaceful sleep on your stomach, purchase an organic Latex mattress to reduce your back pain.

This is the best mattress for chronic pain as it offers firm support to your spine. A soft mattress will sink you into the bed and result in stiffness and pain. A foam or firm hybrid mattress is an ideal pick.

How Long Will Your Natural Latex Mattresses Last?

Care is an essential component that you should consider while determining how long your natural latex mattress lasts.

Imagine your natural latex mattress to be a new branded vehicle. If you take it regularly for a spin and clean it, the car will likely last for additional years.

However, if you ignore the quality and hygiene of your mattress, it is less likely to last longer.

To maintain the quality of your mattress, consider the following aspects:

Mattress protector

When you purchase a good-quality mattress, do not hesitate to cover it with a mattress protector. This protector saves your natural latex mattresses from dust mites, dirt, stains, and other bacteria.

These particles can harm your mattress in the long run, and the protector can avoid this situation.

A waterproof protector is a good pick for the best futon for sleeping, as you can get rid of stains and spills quickly. In addition, a washable protector can be beneficial to you.

Rotate your mattress

This helps distribute the mattress weight evenly, and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Simultaneously, rotating your mattress can be a smart way to avoid lumps or unevenness on the entire surface.

The next key question is how frequently you should rotate this mattress. 2-6 months is the ideal frequency to turn the mattress.

Regular washing

Your mattress is only clean if you have clean bedding. Ensure you regularly wash your blankets, sheets, and mattress covers to keep the bed clean.

Reach out to an expert to get regular cleaning tips.

Your mattress needs some fresh air

Bright and sunny days are the best for your mattress to breathe fresh air. Remove the protector and bedding on your bed and let it inhale the fresh air under your ceiling fan.

This way, you can eliminate any odor on your mattress or unwanted moisture that needs to be eliminated. However, the presence of water and mold for an extended period can ruin your mattress. Hence, it is recommended to let your mattress breathe in some air occasionally.

Sturdy Frame

Your mattress can lead you to a sound sleep. However, this is possible only when placed on a strong frame. Such a frame can eliminate bumps, sagging, and lumps in the long run.

Therefore, choose a bed frame that promises style, comfort, and a balanced mattress weight.

The next question that pops in your mind is, what is a latex mattress and foam mattress?

Here’s what you must know!

What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?

Mattress Bed Frame Option: The Mattress we suggest is the Moonlight Customizable Latex Mattress This mattress is completely customizable depending on your comfort level and especially your sleep position.

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What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?

Futon Sleeping Option: Bendable Mattress - The Mattress we suggest is the Nova Chemical Free Futon Mattress This mattress is also completely customizable depending on your comfort level and especially your sleep position.

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What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?

Futon Sitting Option: Bendable Mattress - The Mattress we suggest is the Teddy Natural Wool Futon Mattress This mattress is plush and soft to keep you cozy and warm all year long. Click here to learn more about tufted mattresses.

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What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems? What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?

What Is Inside Your Mattress?

The average person has no idea what ingredients can be found inside their mattress. When shopping for a mattress, you must realize all of these unknown ingredients will have negative effects on your body overtime.

  • Latex- The layers of our latex mattresses can be swapped out when purchasing, which allows you to decide how firm your mattress or futon will be.
  • Springs - innerspring mattresses are one of the most important elements of today's basic mattresses. When in the market for an innerspring mattress, be aware of the coil count and coil gauge. There are several different types of springs, which all provide different types of comfort.
  • Coconut coir - Coconut coir adds an additional layer of extra firm support to all of our organic mattresses or futons.
  • Memory foam - memory foam is known for its body conforming capabilities. This will not correct an unnatural sleeping position, making it a bad choice for back or stomach sleepers


What is memory foam?

The substance was first invented by NASA researchers, during the 1960s. It is a type of synthetic polyurethane foam, more technically known as “viscoelastic polyurethane foam”, but most manufacturers use the term “memory foam”.

Memory foam is produced by taking the polyurethane and treating it with specific chemicals to increase its viscosity and density. In contrast with other polyfoams, Memory foam adapts to your specific body heat, which allows it to conform to your unique shape. It is widely known for its bodyhugging capabilities, as well as its power to immediately return to its previous shape.

Memory foam is famous for allowing our bodies to sink deep into their mattresses. This quality may be comfortable for a short period of time, but is bad in the long term. Memory foam also tends to trap body heat. For those of you who are hot sleepers, you may want to rethink purchasing a memory foam mattress.

What is latex?

Latex is a natural substance extracted from the sap of rubber trees. After being processed, latex becomes a thick synthetic foam consistency similar to polyfoam. Despite their similarities there are a few critical differences between the two.

Because latex is a fairly dense rubberlike material. When laid on, Latex allows for more bounce back instead of conforming to your shape. Latex is known to have a longer life expectancy than materials such as polyfoam, making it a better choice for a longterm mattress.

Those who own a latex mattress attest to its great durability, responsive nature, and greatly appreciate its natural background.

What is the difference between memory foam and latex?

When it comes to performance, there are many definite differences between latex and memory foam. The general support, life duration, and overall feeling of a mattress will be greatly affected by the quality and density of the foam or latex. In general, Latex is the better option for those who struggle with back, shoulder,or neck pain due to its constant tension against the body.

If you were to fall asleep in an unnatural sleeping position, memory foam will not correct your shape and permits you to keep sleeping in that same position all night long. Latex mattresses fight back against the weight of your body improving your sleeping position, which creates a more natural sleeping position. Those who tolerate constant back problems are more likely to fall asleep in an unnatural position. Sleeping on a latex mattress, will allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated, ready to start your day, and most importantly pain free.

Major Differences Between Latex And Memory Foam Mattresses

We have shortlisted the main differences between these mattresses to ensure you choose the best-suited futon for sleeping.


Would you like to sleep on a mattress that feels like a log and hurts your back?

It is advisable to check how the mattress feels before finalizing your purchase. For instance, natural latex mattresses are the best pick if you enjoy a pushback from their mattress.

On the contrary, a memory foam mattress is preferred if you like to sink in the mattress like a cushion. Your bed will hug you and form the shape of your body.


You cannot ignore the price tag listed on the product. Usually, latex mattresses are found to be a bit costlier than memory foam mattresses.

The main reason is that latex is a relatively expensive fabric, which explains the cost difference. However, thanks to the durability of latex, you won’t regret the extra bucks you put in.


When it comes to supporting both, these mattresses are equally good. In addition, latex mattresses are firm and can support the body. This makes them one of the best mattresses for chronic pain.

Memory foam offers sufficient support to the body but lacks additional support. This is because this mattress is soft and does not encourage spine alignment.


Latex mattresses are comparatively more durable than memory foam mattresses. For instance, a latex mattress for a bad back may last two decades with regular care, while a foam mattress lasts for just a decade.

Latex, a futon mattress for back pain, has resilient material with a lesser probability of sagging; instead, it bounces back into the right shape.

Simultaneously, foam mattresses are prone to wear and tear, and you’ll need a quick replacement.

Temperature Regulation

Memory foam absorbs body heat which may make you feel uncomfortable during warm nights. A few mattresses have copper infusions and gel to keep their mattress warm.

On the other hand, with latex mattresses you can expect temperature regulation due to its neutral material trait.

Motion Transfer

This is a significant differentiating trait between the two mattresses. With memory foam mattresses, you can hardly feel your partner moving on the other end of the bed.

However, when it comes to latex mattresses, depending on the density you can feel your partner toss and turn. We make latex mattresses in a variety of densities to create the perfect feel.


Latex is a natural fabric and prevents mold, dust mites, and other allergens. On the contrary, memory foam is a synthetic fabric that attracts allergens and dust mites.

This means that if you don’t clean them frequently, you’ll end up struggling with allergies.

To Sum Up

When choosing a mattress, it is essential to set your priorities and then look for options. This way, you won’t regret your purchases.

At The Futon Shop, we offer the best mattresses based on your sleeping habits and encourage peaceful sleep with our durable products.

What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?

Click to read about the right matches for your sleep position. What mattress / futon mattress is the best if I have back problems?