Tufted vs Untufted Mattresses

Tufted vs Untufted Mattresses

Shopping for mattresses can be confusing. It is easy to be confused on mattress information terms use and what these terms actually mean, and how they relate to your mattress. Mattress Tufting is one such term that needs attention and understanding. Mattress tufting is a traditional method of ensuring that the layers within a mattress stay where they are meant to be, preventing the materials from shifting. This shifting can cause uneven wear, lumping and an overall discomfort with use. A tuft can be a quilted circle on the top of a mattress, a lace tie or button that goes completely through the mattress from the top of the mattresses completely through to the bottom of the mattress.

Tufted vs Untufted Mattresses

Does My Mattress Need to be Tufted

Mattresses using large amounts of natural fibers, such as cotton, wool and other animal hair fibers need tufts to hold them together. These natural fibers cannot be bonded or glued together to hold their shape. We do not just lie down when we go to sleep, we move around, shift positions, wiggle into our beds getting comfortable, as well as snuggling with others. When we shift and move, we want our mattress to retain it’s shape and support, therefore it is important that the contents inside our mattress do not shift around underneath us. Most mattresses that do not require tufts are made with sculpted materials such as solid or glued up pieces of latex, spring, or polyurethane foams. These materials are dropped into a case and zipped or sewn up. Nothing will bunch or shift and migrate within the mattresses as they are all solid materials bonded, glued or layered together.

Most mattresses manufactured within the last 40 years are made from different combinations of springs and petroleum based foams. Natural fibers have not widely been used because the cost of these fibers is much higher compared to man-made foam cores. In the olden days, when the world was simpler and cleaner, all beds were made from ingredients in the local environment, Down, horse hair, cotton, wool, straw etc. All of these natural ingredients in mattress would need to be tufted.

Tufted vs Untufted Mattresses

What you need to know if you purchase a tufted mattress

  • Tufted mattresses are generally made from natural fibers
  • Within a few months of use, your mattress will not have raised dimples from the tufts, and will become more even
  • If you use a mattress pad on a new tufted mattress you will not feel the tufts
  • Tufting improves the compression of the ingredients inside a mattress by keeping it stable and even

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Tufted vs Untufted Mattresses


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