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  • Modern Futons

    Modern Futons

    Today's futon frames are amazingly beautiful, functional and can be completely natural and chemical-free. Solid walnut wood, cherry, oak, and maple woods are just a few of the modern American hardwoods used today in quality futon frame manufacturing. Hard pine can be reclaimed to make lodge futon frames, and latex rubber trees when they stop producing milk for latex production the trees are cut down and made into futon frames.

  • Sofas

    Beautiful Color, Low V.O.C.

    You may see home goods stores advertising the sale of paints that have low VOC or less volatile organic compounds. Chemically treated paint can protect your house, porch, or deck from the rain for years. Using that same paint in your bedroom does not make sense for your health.

    The natural beauty of our unfinished wood and low VOC painted platform beds make any room’s essence come alive naturally. With natural fabrics and unfinished woods you can convert your bedroom. Turning it into a safe and stylish place for you to sleep free of harmful toxins.

    The fact our products have less VOCs is worth mentioning. It means there are less harmful solvents that have been suspected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogenic.

    Learn how to avoid VOC's in your home.

  • A Mission That Matters

    A Mission That Matters

    If you are looking for our Most Popular Best Selling Futon Frames you have come to the right place. Hardwood, wall hugger, as well as modern sofa bed frames are available in all sizes and finishes. Every frame is held in stock at San Francisco so your order is ready for immediate delivery in California! Bed frames and sleeper sofas from The Futon Shop are all made with high quality, natural, and sustainable materials.

    We believe a natural household free of harmful toxins should be achievable at any budget. So we make it our priority to seek natural materials for the products we manufacture and retail. We also specialize in custom manufacturing our covers and futon mattresses in all sizes with natural materials to help you achieve a chemical free bedroom. The benefits of chemical free furniture extends from the environmental protection to your family's health.

    Learn more about our mentality Farm To Bedroom.

  • Full Sets Ship For Free!

    Full Sets Ship For Free!

    If you are looking for easier to navigate options be sure to check our free shipping sets. We have chosen our most popular options and compiled easy to build futon sets. For your convenience and affordability.

    Whether your furniture is meant for everyday or occasional use we have a full range of frames in styles and finishes. Achieving the right look is easy since you can view a list of frames, mattresses, and covers all on the same page!

    Visit our free shipping sets here!.