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Lexington Wall Hugger Loveseat in Cherry Finish


The Lexington Wallhugger Futon Frame from Strata Furniture features classic sleigh arm design.

Lexington Wallhugger Loveseat

Space Saver Loveseat Futon Frame Cherry

The Lexington Loveseat Wallhugger Futon Frame in Warm Cherry Finish from Strata Furniture features a classic sleigh style arm with bold curves and traditional style and pairs wonderfully with any futon mattress designed and hand crafted by The Futon Shop. We choose Frames by Strata Furniture not only for their beauty but for their flawless designs that allow any space to easily convert into a bed without having to move away from the wall.

Strata wall hugger futon frames are all coated with low VOC finishes.

Available in Black, Dark Cherry, or Warm Cherry finish.

  • Contemporary designs
  • Easy Front Opening & Closing Sofa Bed
  • Space Saving 2 Piece Design
  • Converts To Sofa Bed Without Moving Away From The Wall
  • Low VOC finish is safe for Organic Homes
  • High-Quality Imported Hardwood Grown Utilizing Strict Standards Of Sustainable Forest Management
  • Patented Mechanism
  • Limited Warranty
Lexington Wallhugger Loveseat

Wall Hugger Love Seat Conversion Example
*Sicilian (Denali) Wall Hugger Love Seat Shown*

Futon mattresses, futon covers, and pillows sold separately.


Add A Stop Slip Coir

The coconut coir fibers have been infused with all natural latex that firmly grips both your futon and mattress preventing it from sliding off your frame.

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Product Dimension Diagram

Size A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches) D extension
(for love seats only)
Twin Loveseat503335.5
Twin Loveseat50277510.5
Twin Loveseat502751.2510.5
Full Loveseat65.83338
Full Loveseat65.8277510.5
Full Loveseat65.82756.3510.5
Queen Loveseat673338
Queen Loveseat67278010.5
Queen Loveseat67276010.5