How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

Time Frame: 30 minutes

Estimated Cost: Mattress, Cover, Piping, and Pillow:$1100 or just Futon Cover: $80-$240

The best guide to choosing the right futon cover starts with the size, color, quality of weave, washing care, and if you want to add piping and pillows. Futon covers range in price, but the average futon cover is priced at around $150. When shoppers consider purchasing a slipcover, it is usually for one of two reasons: to change the look of an old futon or to protect it from damage from children or pets. Knowing the function of the slipcover often helps decide the type of slipcover to choose.


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How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?



How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?
  • 1) Choose mattress quality
  • 2) Choose Size
  • 3) Choose color palette
  • 4) Choose fabric weave
  • 5) Consider washing care
  • 6) Consider piping
  • 7) Add Pillows

What Are The Advantages Of Slipcovers?

Slipcovers offer many advantages, underscoring their status as a practical and stylish choice for safeguarding your furniture investment in the long run. Let's delve into the reasons that make slip-covered furniture stand out.

Effortless Maintenance

The paramount benefit of slipcovered furniture over traditional upholstered sofas is its unparalleled ease of cleaning. Unzip the cover and dispatch it to professional dry cleaners whenever spills occur or to rejuvenate the fabric. The simplicity of this process ensures your furniture remains pristine and inviting.

Best Fabric For Sofa Slipcovers

A slipcover embodies a harmonious blend of versatility, user-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal. As a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, removable fitted fabric cloth, it serves as an ideal protective covering for households with active families and pets. The choice of fabrics, including cotton duck, canvas, denim, and twill blends, prioritizes functionality and durability.

Slipcover Cost

The cost of slipcovers spans a wide spectrum, from affordable online options with a loose fit to custom-made ones that may incur labor charges of around $800, in addition to fabric costs. Selecting the right option depends on your budget and preferences, with the flexibility to personalize your slipcover investment.

Measure For Slipcovers

Customizing slipcovers to fit your furniture precisely involves measuring seat height, overall furniture length, distance outside arm to arm, and side depth at the bottom of the seat cushion level. This tailored approach ensures a seamless and snug fit, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Effortless Replacement

Accidents happen, but with slip-covered furniture, you can effortlessly address spills, rips, or tears without professional intervention. The various options of slipcovers range seamlessly combining convenience and style, allowing you to refresh the appearance of your cushions, sofa, ottomans, dining chairs, or bedheads with ease. Embrace the simplicity of slipcovers for a consistently clean and crisp look in your living spaces.

How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

What Are the Different Types of Slipcovers?

Common choices for sofa covers encompass polycotton, cotton, and polyester materials. Here are some of our best picks.

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Slipcover?

If you are looking to purchase a futon slipcover, you may have noticed there are hundreds if not thousands of options available, with a wide range of colors, patterns, sizes, and prices. You can take your pick from traditional floral prints, to contemporary designs or stripe patterns, or even microfiber futon covers. Let us walk you through what you must consider before purchasing a futon slipcover.

Diverse Options

With a multitude of futon slipcover choices in terms of color, pattern, size, and price, consider your preferences before making a selection.

Room and Environment

Assess the room where the futon will be placed and its environmental factors. For moisture-prone areas or outdoor use, opt for an acrylic outdoor futon slipcover over cotton, as it resists moisture and mold.

Lifestyle Considerations

If you have children or pets, prioritize a slipcover that suits their activities. Microfiber covers are stain-resistant, water-repellant, and machine-washable, making them a practical choice for households with active kids and pets.


Determine the primary purpose of the slipcover. Understanding the intended function guides your choice of whether to refresh an old futon's appearance or protect it from potential damage.

Room Aesthetics

Consider the overall aesthetics of the room where the futon resides. The color and pattern of the slipcover should complement the existing decor, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing environment.

How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

Choose Mattress Quality:

Prioritize the quality of the futon mattress. Consider factors like comfort, durability, and the overall feel that aligns with your preferences.

Choose Size:

Ensure the futon slip cover fits by selecting the appropriate size. Measure the mattress's length, width, and loft (height) to find a well-fitting cover.

Choose Color Palette:

Select a color palette that compliments your room decor. Consider dark colors or patterns for added stain resistance, especially if the futon is prone to heavy traffic.

Choose Fabric Weave:

Evaluate different fabric weaves like cotton, wool, polyester, spandex, and linen. Opt for heavy cotton for high-traffic furniture, while stretchy polyester may provide a snug fit.

Consider Washing Care:

Take washing care into account. Choose a fabric and care routine that aligns with your lifestyle. Some materials may be machine-washable, while others require delicate handling and specific care.

Consider Piping:

Explore slipcovers with piping for both decorative flair and added protection. Piping can enhance the overall look of the cover and contribute to its durability.

Add Pillows:

Enhance comfort and aesthetics by adding complementary pillows. Consider pillows that match or complement the futon cover's color and pattern.

Material and Construction:

Understand the materials and construction of futon mattress slipcovers, such as cotton, wool, polyester, spandex, and linen. Durable options like heavy cotton are suitable for high-traffic areas.

Futon Slipcover Size:

Confirm the futon slipcover size by measuring the mattress's length, width, and loft. Standard lofts range from six to eight inches, but custom-made covers are available from select retailers.

Customization Options:

Look for customization options if needed, especially if you have unique requirements for your futon slipcover. Some retailers may offer custom-made covers to meet specific preferences.

Consider your reasons for buying. When shoppers are considering purchasing a slipcover it is usually for one of two reasons, to change the look of an old futon or to protect their futon from damage by dirt or soiling if children or pets. Knowing the function of the slipcover often helps decide the type of slipcover to choose. Additionally, the room that the futon is in will also be a factor when selecting futon slipcover colors and patterns.

How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

Another item to consider is the materials and the futon slipcover construction. Futon slipcovers can be made from cotton, wool, polyester, spandex and linen. The most common are cotton, cotton blends and polyester. If you've determined that your furniture will be getting heavy traffic, look for durable slipcovers made from heavy cotton. It's also best to go with a dark-colored slipcover or one with a pattern that can hide stains if you're buying a slipcover to protect your furniture. For a tighter, less baggy look, a thin slipcover made from a stretchy polyester or polyester blend may work. Polyester futon slipcovers offer the most options in terms of looks and texture from a microsuede, to velvets and corduroy. Some fabrics will come with futon slipcover piping, a decorative accent that adds spice and protection to your cover.

One of the most important factors when considering which to purchase is the futon slipcover size. Most futon mattresses conform to standard mattress sizes, but it is always a good idea to measure your mattress to be sure. Don't forget to measure not only the length and width, but also the loft or height as well. Most slipcovers have a standard loft between six to eight inches, but you may be able to find a futon mattress retailer that offers custom-made covers as well.

Keeping these few quick tips in mind should help narrow down the vast number of options that you have available when buying a futon slipcover.

Where to Buy a Slipcover?

When it comes to purchasing a slipcover, numerous options are available, catering to your specific preferences. Whether you seek a loose, generic cover for your couch or desire a custom-fitted slipcover, the choice is yours! If you’re lucky enough to own a popular couch or sofa from The Futon Shop, you will love the choice.

With detailed information on slipcover types, you make an informed decision based on your needs. Prices range from $80 to $240 for a Futon Cover or an estimated $1100 for a complete set, including the mattress, cover, piping, and pillow.

How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

Fabric Swatch Sample

Sometimes you just have to see the fabric in person to really know what it’s like. With that in mind, we’ve made it easy to request samples of any fabric.

How To Choose The Right Futon Cover?

Choosing the right cover starts with getting to know the futon slipcover fabrics

A few other options to consider include:

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