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Should You Choose An Organic Mattress?

Whether you are building an organic mattress (futon) or a natural mattress (futon), the basic ingredients are the same. There are basically only a few ingredients considered organic or natural when manufacturing a mattress.

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Types Of Organic Ingredients

Organic Cotton, Organic Virgin Wool, and Organic Dunlop Latex.

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What Does It Mean To Be GOTS Certified Organic Fabric?

Mattress covers that come with a case that use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric.

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What are the Benefits Of Latex?

Pressure Relief, Breathability, HypoAllergenic, Independent Support, Firmness, Durability, Sustainable, Chemical Free

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What Is A Good Firm Mattress?

Picking a good firm mattress all depends on what ingredients you choose. Foam breaks down and after a while become a lumpy mattresses that feels uncomfortable. A few ingredients like Coconut fiber is a great choice when choosing a quality mattress that will last a long time and give you the comfort you deserve.

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It is what is inside that counts. The ingredients in our mattresses and furniture are pure and natural, free from chemical compounds that harm our environment. Our materials are naturally designed by mother nature, sustainable, biodegradable and naturally toxic-free. TFS Natural Home, by The Futon Shop believes everyone deserves to live toxic free, in a healthy and supportive environment. What we offer in all our mattresses, sofas and bedding: GOTS, GOLS, Oeko-Tex & USDA certified organic ingredients.

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