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Micro Coil Futon Mattresses | Pocketed Coil Mattresses

Are you worried about waking your partner or currently getting less sleep due to movement at night? With our line of micro-coil spring futon mattresses you can better cater to independent sleep schedules and preserve your wake times! We carry a wide range of materials and manufacture all of our mattresses by hand so if you are looking for a feel that resembles traditional innerspring we have eco-friendly solutions to feel good about as well! See our line of spring mattress options and learn about their benefits below!

The Coils In Our Spring Futon Mattresses Are Made From Strength Tested, Recycled, and Double Tempered Steel

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    Pocketed Spring Coil Mattresses For No Motion Transfer

    Traditional mattresses and their bouncy interconnected springs are the direct cause of most motion transfer issues for couples. Those using interconnected metal springs may notice discomfort every time their partner shifts while sleeping. For this reason our collection features individually pocketed micro-coils that cease motion transfer from spring to spring. 

    Each micro-coil is made from recycled double tempered steel and encased in its own fabric pocket rather than woven together resulting in no transfer of pressure or bounce that cannot be felt from one coil to the next. With no motion between rows, layers, or even spring to spring you don’t have to worry about waking your partner before they are ready.

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    Conventional Bonnell Coils

    The first furniture coils developed for use in horse and buggies are in our mattresses for those who prefer a familiar feel. The bonnell coil's unique hourglass shape can be made with different wire gauges to make them more or less firm for adaptability, but the reason this hourglass shape is so special is in how the spring interacts with pressure. 

    Most Spring Coil Mattresses can feature firmer and softer versions but we find that our customers desiring a firmer mattress will prefer the feel of Bonnell coils since these springs compress easily at first and get firmer as more pressure is applied.

    Although they are not quite as effective as pocket coils, the Bonnell coils are a good compromise for their very simple and effective design. Because they are less costly to manufacture and provide good value they are a very popular choice for a lower cost but firmer mattresses.

  • Futon Mattresses With Springs

    The Finest Egyptian Staple Cotton

    In order to bring you the finest products at an affordable price we have brought you Long Fiber Egyptian Staple Cotton. This cotton is a versatile fiber, being used in clothing, upholstery, and bedding for thousands of years. 

    The benefits of having long fiber cotton over short in a mattress is within its ability to retain shape over time. While short fibers clump together, the long fibers of Egyptian cotton create luxurious sheets that do not lump together. We give as many options we can to ensure that you know exactly what you are bringing into your home.

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    Greener Choices For Your Health

    Natural futon mattresses made with environmentally friendly soybean oil contains no fire retardants. As most foams contain carcinogenic chemicals in the form of fire retardants that severely damage the immune system of adults and children we have chosen this Hybrid Foam which reduces significantly the chances of off gassing in your home.

    Due to the rise in demand for foam furniture we have designed many of our products with Soy Based Foams, Soy Based Cooling Gels, and Soy Based Memory Foams. Not only are Soy Foams cooler, more durable, and more dense but they greatly reduce harm to the environment and sleeper that regular foams may cause. 

    For shape-conforming comfort, eco-friendly properties, and the tremendous cooling benefits it provides when compared to standard foams choose Soy Based Foam mattresses from The Futon Shop.

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    Fire Safe, Fit For Your Home

    If you have been weary of replacing your mattress, consider the recent changes made to federal guidelines. Within the past ten years, many fire retardants previously used in the manufacturing of furniture and mattresses have been deemed unsafe for use! 

    For this reason we have utilized wool as a natural fire barrier to bring you 100% Chemical Free Mattresses. Wool is naturally flame resistant with no harmful chemicals. With wool in our products we can meet the federal standards for fire safety without the use of toxic substances.

    Learn more about Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant.

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    Live Better With Healthy, Sustainable Solutions

    Chemical Free Mattresses and Eco Friendly Futon Mattresses for your home are made for everyday use. We know the verification it takes when pursuing a healthy and toxic free lifestyle, so we have been fully certified every step of the way from farm to your family. 

    Our Chemical Free Eco Friendly Futon Mattresses are made only with Pure Natural Dunlop Latex, Natural Virgin Wool, Pocket Coils Springs, and encased in USDA certified Organic Cotton. Purchase a mattress hand crafted in San Francisco, California and live the difference! With The Futon Shop you can rest assured that you are providing your family with the very best.

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    Chemical Free, A Mission That Matters

    About 25% of the world's insecticide use and more than 10% of the world's pesticides is used on cotton crops. Some of these chemicals are considered to be the most toxic chemicals in the world. The health risks of pesticide exposure include birth defects, reproductive disorders, and weaker immune systems. With so many products made from cotton, we are all exposed to these chemicals at some point. 

    Our cotton is USDA Certified Organic. It does not contain these chemicals and has been grown using non-gmo seeds. Organic farming is a powerful tool in the fight against global warming. 

    It reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and stores carbon in the soil where it boosts soil fertility instead of releasing it to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Organic farming just makes sense for people and for the planet.

    Learn more about Chemical Free Mattress Ingredients.

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    30 Day Comfort Guarantee

    We want you to know we are committed to wellness so when you buy either online or in-store we offer a 30 day comfort exchange for qualifying mattress purchases. Most sales apply but be sure to check the guidelines below to find out what qualifies within our Guarantee with the purchase of a premium mattress or futon from Natural Home By The Futon Shop.

    Please sleep on your new mattress for 15-25 nights minimum (to allow time for your body to adjust to a new mattress). If you are still not satisfied with your futon / mattress purchase, it may be exchanged up to 30 days after pick up or delivery. This is a one time exchange for the same size mattress only, there are no refunds. 

    You can choose another mattress of equal or lesser value, or as a credit against a futon / mattress of greater value. If you cannot ship your current mattress back for full exchange, you can donate the mattress. With proof of donation we will issue a credit for 50% of the purchase price you paid, towards the purchase of your new mattress. New shipping fees will apply.

    Click Here to see our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee and learn more.