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Futon Mattresses

Fire Retardant and Petro-Chemical Free

Chemical Free Futon Mattresses

For Futon Frames & Platform Beds

We design and hand make amazing non toxic chemical free mattresses and futons, and it all starts with the ingredients. By felting our own wool and cotton, acquiring the best natural filling ingredients our mattresses last a lifetime. By manufacturing your mattress with soft and luxurious USDA Certified Organic Cotton, Firm and Supportive Natural Dunlop Latex, Long lasting Coconut Coir and Naturally Crimp Virgin Wool our mattresses allow your body to recover while promoting sound long lasting comfortable sleep.

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No Additives, No Chemical Compounds

Latex Futon Mattresses

For Futon Frames & Platform Beds

The natural spring of our latex sofa bed mattresses mean the material supports according to your body type and not the other way around. The quality of rubber and properties of cleanliness mean that latex has little to no work to maintain so your sleep surface never needs to be flipped or adjusted.

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Regulates Body Temperature

Wool Futon Mattresses

For Futon Frames & Platform Beds

When it comes to comfort, nothing compares to the durability of wool in our mattress. We have created over 30 mattresses with wool inside in a multitude of comfort levels. The benefits of wool are endless, wool is natural crimped like a spring, repealing moisture for long life, regulates body temperature, hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew, flame-resistant, no need for flame retardants, dust-mites don't like wool, and wool helps rejuvenate sleep allowing better REM

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USDA Certified Organic Cotton

Organic Futon Mattresses

For Futon Frames & Platform Beds

Organic Cotton is one of the oldest, purest and most loved natural fibers in the world today. Choose from any of our organic cotton core mattresses or covered natural mattresses and futons. A traditional mattress we are sure you will love as much as we do.

Organic Futons

japanese style folding

Shiki Futon Mattresses

for futon frames & floors

Our Shikibutons are lightweight and easily fold to make storage and maintenance easier. Get more out of your space during the day and have a comfortable place to sleep at night. With a Shikibuton, you can customize your comfort level by layering two or more shikibutons on top of each other for a softer sleep experience.

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Futon Sofa bed Mattresses

We find it best to look for hybrid mattresses based on their firmness level and how that does with your sleeping positions. Side sleepers for instance, may be more comfortable with a medium firm mattress. For example, Innerspring beds come with a coil system based on a high coil count made up of pocketed coils to relieve pressure points. 

On the other hand, stomach sleepers tend to benefit from an extra firm mattress with a thinner top layer for extra cushioning and support. It's important to ensure that whichever sleeping option you choose that it aligns with your individual comfort level and preferences. 

Complete your purchase with a platform bed frame and box spring / foundation.

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    Futon Mattress Collections

    Our Bed Futon Mattress Collection features handcrafted sleeper sofa mattresses for platform beds. Choose from Naturally Made to 100% Chemical Free. 

    The Futon Shop has been an innovator of American made eco-friendly mattresses and chemical free non-toxic futon sofa bed mattresses since 1976. At The Futon Shop our manufacturing process guarantees the highest quality beds offering unparalleled quality, comfort, and support.

  • Sofa bed Mattresses

    Certified Organic Ingredients

    We design your mattress with natural and certified organic materials, grown from mother earth. Our mattresses, futons, and bedding are made with quality materials verified by top accredited methods and approved by organic standards. 

    From the farm to our factory, to your home, we offer affordable luxury with no middle man. Handmade in San Francisco since 1976.

  • Futon Mattress

    Custom Tailored To Any Size

    At The Futon Shop we have been creating custom made options for designers and our clients since 1976. Let us put our expertise and experience to work for you. No space is too big or shape too odd for us to tackle. We excel in custom made options for any antique beds, window seats, boat cushions, bench cushions, baby beds, and indoor/outdoor use. 

    This mattress is available in custom sizes so call us at 1-800-44-FUTON to speak with our experts!

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    30 Day Comfort Guarantee

    We want you to know we are committed to wellness so when you buy either online or in-store we offer a 30 day comfort exchange for qualifying mattress purchases. Most sales apply but be sure to check the guidelines below to find out what qualifies within our Guarantee with the purchase of a premium mattress or futon from Natural Home By The Futon Shop.

    Please sleep on your new mattress for 15-25 nights minimum (to allow time for your body to adjust to a new mattress). If you are still not satisfied with your futon / mattress purchase, it may be exchanged up to 30 days after store pickup or delivery. 

    This is a one time exchange for the same size mattress only, there are no refunds. You can choose another mattress of equal or lesser value, or as a credit against a futon / mattress of greater value. Curbside pickup available. If you cannot ship your current mattress back for full exchange, you can donate the mattress. 

    With proof of donation we will issue a credit for 50% of the purchase price you paid, towards the purchase of your new mattress. New shipping fees will apply.

    Click Here to see our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee and learn more.