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Organic Cotton Futon Mattress

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We designed Organic Cotton Futon Mattresses for the naturalist seeking a simple and pure natural futon mattress. Medium-firm mattress filled only with USDA Certified Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton Futon Mattress

We designed the Organic Cotton Mattress for the naturalist seeking a simple and pure futon mattress, comfortable and soft. This organic cotton mattress will turn from soft to firm as you use it. This mattress is ideally suited for occasional use and not recommended for every night sleep. For options that are recommended for every night sleep,


The Organic Cotton Futon Mattress filled only with USDA Certified Organic Cotton. Our Organic Futon Mattress Cotton is rated at medium firm comfort, but remember that no matter what size you choose each mattress is designed to last a lifetime when properly cared for. 

Organic Cotton is a natural, renewable, biodegradable and sustainable fiber. Cotton breathes, keeping you cool, is never itchy, and is grown pesticide free, and free of any harmful chemicals. Traditional futon mattress. Needs to be aired out, flipped and rotated weekly.

Available with a GOTS certified organic Cotton Fabric or poly cotton ticking.

Natural Cotton Futon Mattress

  • 6 inches of Organic Cotton
  • 100% USDA Certified Cotton
  • 37-70 Lbs. Of Firm Natural Support (Depending On Size)
  • Eco-Friendly Bed Filling

Cover & Size Selections

  • Upgrade to Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Standard Eco- Friendly Casing

Organic Cotton Case: Gots Certification For Organic Cotton

The Organic Cotton Futon Mattress

are naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation, and doesn't tend to irritate the skin. Our natural cotton adds soft and purely luxurious support to any mattress.

The Organic Cotton Futon Mattress
The Organic Cotton Futon Mattress__
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    Our USDA Certified Organic Cotton comfort layers

    are naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation, and doesn't tend to irritate the skin. Our natural cotton adds soft and purely luxurious support to any mattress.

The Futon Shop


We are very happy with our purchase. The quality is wonderful and we love that it is chemical free

- Natasha K.

Traditional Non Structured Futon


Twin 54 lbs
Full Double 63 lbs
Queen 72 lbs
King 90 lbs

*These are non structure mats. More like a pillow and less like a mattress.
If you are looking for mattresses for great night sleep without wool

to try our vegan mattresses

Tufted mattress fabric casing 1
Tufted mattress fabric casing 2

Cotton Mattress

USDA Certified Organic Cotton

The organic cotton filling we use in our mattresses and futons is American. Organic Cotton is naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation, and doesn’t tend to irritate the skin.

Difference Between Organic Cotton And Natural Cotton

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

We want you to know we are committed to wellness so when you buy either online or in-store we offer a 30 day comfort exchange for qualifying mattress purchases. Most sales apply but be sure to check the guidelines below to find out what qualifies within our Guarantee with the purchase of a premium mattress or futon from Natural Home By The Futon Shop.

Please sleep on your new mattress for 15-25 nights minimum (to allow time for your body to adjust to a new mattress). If you are still not satisfied with your futon / mattress purchase, it may be exchanged up to 30 days after pick up or delivery. This is a one time exchange for the same size mattress only, there are no refunds. 

You can choose another mattress of equal or lesser value, or as a credit against a futon / mattress of greater value. If you cannot ship your current mattress back for full exchange, you can donate the mattress. With proof of donation we will issue a credit for 50% of the purchase price you paid, towards the purchase of your new mattress. New shipping fees will apply.

Click Here to see our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee and learn more.

About The Futon Shop

About The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop has been an innovative leader in the creation of chemical free furniture in California for over 40 years. We source our natural fiber from local farmers. We then process them on site. The Futon Shop has made chemical free living affordable for everyone, because we care and believe everyone deserves the choice to sleep healthy.

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Our mattresses are delivered to your home in a box. Each mattress is handcrafted and ships within a few days. We use the fastest, safest, and most reliable carriers to ship your products to you. We have long term partnerships with some of the best shipping companies.

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Medium Firm Mattress

Medium Firm Mattresses and futons are ideal for side sleepers. Medium to medium-firm offers firm support while soft enough to provide conforming ability for your shoulders, hips, knees, and is generally a perfect firmness for small to average sized people. If you are a side sleeper our mattress will contour to the curves of your body, for men, woman, and children. Medium Firm will allow just the right amount to relieve pressure points and keep your spine, neck, and back aligned. If you weigh more than 230 lbs. we recommend firm to extra firm mattresses for optimal support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Healthier For Your Home
2) Healthier For Your Planet
3) Healthier For Your Agriculture
4) Healthier For Your Pets
5) Healthier For You & Our Children
6) Healthier For Your Sleep

Why Buy Organic Mattresses?

To sleep healthy, establish a consistent sleep schedule and maintain a conducive ideal sleep environment by keeping your bedroom quiet, dark, and at a comfortable temperature. Additionally, avoid electronic devices, large meals, caffeine, and alcohol before bedtime, while incorporating regular exercise into your routine. Consider opting for natural bedding options, such as an organic or natural mattress, to further enhance your sleep environment.

Learn more about How To Sleep Healthy?

You spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping, and it’s crucial to prioritize your health and comfort during that time. Investing in an organic mattress can improve your overall well-being, as it’s made of natural, non-toxic materials. Synthetic mattresses are made of chemicals that can lead to off-gassing and poor air quality in the bedroom, which can exacerbate respiratory problems and allergies.

Learn more about What Makes A Mattress Organic?

You can rest assured your getting the best Futon Sofa Beds from The Futon Shop

Does organic cotton produce better than natural cotton? Yes! Organic cotton is a better than natural cotton, in fact it is a far-superior alternative to traditional or natural cotton in terms of sustainability and environmental impact. Organic cotton Farming is a great way to help the environment! It encourages environmentally friendly practices such as composting, water conservation, and natural wildlife for pest control.

Learn more about is organic cotton better than natural cotton?


Organic cotton is better in comfort and convenience because it provides luxurious sleep experiences with all its excellent advantages. Get ready for restorative nights of relaxation every night when you switch to organic comfort today!. Through regenerative organic farming techniques, organic cotton is more sustainable and better for air quality. Furthermore, cotton mattresses are able to control temperature while sleeping which increases comfort. Cotton is a natural fiber and provides incredible comfort during sleep, but they also offer durability and biodegradability which helps protect the earth. Cotton mattresses are great for children too as they are not exposed to any toxins while sleeping, making it a healthier option to protect your child's health.

Learn more about Why Organic Cotton is Better?

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Unlike conventional cotton, which often leads to the poisoning of soil and water systems, organic cotton production depends on sustainable farming practices that prioritize environmental preservation. To ensure high-quality, sustainable organic cotton for our mattresses, we have forged strong relationships with the farmers at the heart of this precious industry.


Learn more about What Is Organic Cotton?