What Type Of Bed Is Good For Health?

What Type Of Bed Is Good For Health?


A Natural Platform Bed is a bedframe that does not use compressed wood or veneers or any other type of engineered wood product as commonly found is lower quality bed frames. Only solid natural woods such as Cherry, Walnut, Oak, and Maple are used. Our Natural Platform Beds on water based or natural oil stains as well as sturdy joint construction rather than heavy glues.

High quality American-made Natural Platform Beds give the best night's sleep, Naturally! Our Platform Beds Made with solid natural woods, such as cherry, oak, and maple are handcrafted to order and made in the USA using natural, sustainable, locally grown, real solid hardwood. Only the finest natural woods are used, so you can sleep well knowing that your bed is eco-friendly and made using premium American hardwood.

Sleeping on a Natural Platform Bed, or and other type of Natural furniture is one way to reduce the occurrence of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and particle board VOCs from entering your and polluting your home. Natural oil finishes such as linseed or tung oil are commonly used "green" finishes as they do not contain the potentially harmful VOC's traditional oil based stains contain.

The craftsmen making our Natural Platform Beds use solid wood and old world construction in combination with modern precision to create an enduring piece of furniture that is as beautiful as it is durable.

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