What Are The Different Platform Bed Sizes?

What Are The Different Platform Bed Sizes?

"What Size Is Right For Me?"

When it comes to purchasing a platform bed, there are many options to consider. In narrowing down your options, you will inevitably need to decide what size platform bed works for you. This is not only for you personally, but also the amount of space you have to work with. Most of the time, the perfect size platform bed size imagined will be either a queen or king size. For children or young adults, a twin size platform bed is the best option. Twin platform beds are a convenient option size for smaller needs. If floor space is an issue, there are space saving platform bunk beds, platform loft beds, and even trundle beds.

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For large rooms, choose an Eastern king or California king platform bed to make a bold statement, becoming the center focus piece of furniture in the room. More recently, these beds are being made with built-in storage drawers along the sides. With plenty of storage and sleeping space, a platform bed typifies the notion of form and function.
As a side note, it is important to know the right king size platform bed you need. No doubt, there are times that someone ordered a king size platform bed for their king sized mattress, only to realize after the bed is set up that their mattress was California King and they ordered an Eastern King platform bed. These two sizes are not the same. The Eastern King, also referred to as a "Standard" King is shorter and wider, while the California King is longer and more narrow.

The full size platform beds come in handy for transitional sleepers. You many not have the space for a large queen or king size bed, but you want to leave the idea of a twin size bed behind.

The queen size platform bed may be just too much bed for you, while your days of sleeping on a twin size platform bed have passed. The full size is the ideal for you. If you do not have the space for a large platform bed, a double size platform bed is often a good alternative. These beds are particularly popular for small apartments and guest rooms because they offer adequate sleeping space without taking up valuable floor space. Full size and double size are used synonymously and refer to the same dimensions.



What Are The Different Platform Bed Sizes?

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