Acme Furniture Platform Beds

Acme Furniture Platform Beds

Acme Furniture is one of the largest furniture distributors in the nation with 6 branches across the United States. Their locations include Woodside, New York; Dayton, New Jersey; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and San Francisco, California. In addition, they also have a distribution center located in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Over the years, ACME has been working with many of the same factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, and of course China to provide quality home furnishings. Because of our long-term relationships with these factories, we have been able to purchase our products at the most competitive prices in the industry. 

Nothing is more important than quality. That is why ACME maintains its own quality control personnel in every country in which they do business. Every item must meet their exact standards. Nothing less will do.

We are very proud of the growth ACME has realized since 1985. Besides the six branches, they also maintain showrooms in Tupelo, Mississippi, High Point, North Carolina, San Francisco, California and their newest showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Providing quality furniture for every part of your home is their specialty.  From Platform beds, to futon sofa sleepers, to trundle beds, Acme furniture provides quality products and service.

Acme Furniture Platform Beds

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