Dapwood Furniture Platform Beds

Dapwood Furniture Platform Beds


Dapwood Furniture has been hand crafting solid wood platform bed frames and other pieces of furniture since 1985. Their 30 years experience makes them the favorite choice of Organic and Natural Mattress Stores throughout the United States and Canada.

They use only U.S.A. grown solid woods so it employs other American small businesses and is NEVER subjected to slave labor, deforestation or dangerous chemicals. They offer solid wood platform bed frames, tables and nightstands in either an unfinished state or finished with natural oils or stains which contain NO heavy metals, chemical dryers or petrol chemicals.

Dapwood Furniture Platform Beds

Dapwood Furniture’s solid wood platform bed frames are the ideal compliment for your natural and organic mattress and assures a healthy and restful quality night’s sleep. Many furniture stores offer cheap imported products comprised of engineered composites or razor thin veneers. These man-made products, including bamboo, are glued together with large amounts of adhesives which often contain harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, imported products require fumigation in transit to kill insect larvae which often leave behind a chemical residual. Think about it- most people spend one third of their life sleeping. During this regenerative time, the body is in its most stationary period of the day and will absorb chemicals- especially those close to or in contact with the body, such as mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets and furniture.  This chemical exposure potential is why Dapwood Furniture is passionate about using only the purest forms of wood for their platform bed frames including: heartwood, sapwood and bark. That’s it. Nothing else.

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