Vermont Furniture Designs Platform Beds

Vermont Furniture Designs Platform Beds


Vermont Furniture Designs strives to build the most beautiful and durable solid wood furniture. They combine traditional techniques, with an emphasis on color and grain selection and matching boards, with technology that is most appropriate for the application, such as smooth-operating slides and hardware. Those parts that are not visible are chosen because they deliver uncompromising performance.

Vermont Furniture Designs Platform Beds

Producing fine furniture that will last for generations is a time- consuming process that cannot be rushed by taking shortcuts. All of their furniture is enhanced by unbroken lines of solid wood construction with a minimum of laminated or glued-together parts. Parts are produced in multiples and then handed to small teams of Vermont Craftsmen who work by hand in the traditional bench-crafted fashion. Drawers and doors are precision fitted by specially trained teams as well

Each platform bed piece is bench-crafted by a small team of Vermont Craftsmen. Everyone on their team contributes to quality control; parts or even entire pieces can be rejected at any time. All of this results in an Old World look that delivers a high degree of quality and durability. 

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