The Futon Shop Hannah Ransom Mattress Review

Hannah Ransom - The Futon Shop Mattress Review

The Futon Shop appreciates reviews from customers, and Hannah Ransom, a health educator recently gave a review on the Tranquility 2 Chemical free Mattress. Hannah Ransom wrote about how she and her husband loves the Tranquility 2 Chemical Free Mattress and she was nice enough to write a review of her experience with this mattress based on being a side sleeper. As a side sleeper, she appreciates softness from the springs and tells more about her and her husband’s comfort level and satisfaction with the mattress. Read more on our chemical free Futon Mattress page:


Hannah Ransom shares The Futon Shop’s passion for holistic practices and well being with her Education and as a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator. Ransom helps empower women everyday over their health through natural scheduling and awareness of their fertility instead of depending on western medicine’s birth control pills. As a fertility awareness educator, she holds classes, email subscription, non hormonal birth guide, and more personal assistance online and in person.

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