Should A New Mattress Smell?

Should A New Mattress Smell?

All manufactured products have odors based on their components


Cotton sometimes has a fresh field odor. Truly organic cotton is not treated with anything nor is it bleached or washed it is organic from the field. Also if a cotton mattress is in a bag it needs to be aired out a few days to get the petro-chemical odor from the plastic bag.

Should A New Mattress Smell?


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American Wool sometimes has a fresh odor. Also if a wool mattress is in a bag it may need to be aired out a for few days from being sealed in food safe plastic wrap. Sometimes it could take up to a week for the smell to dissipate. We also recommend allowing the mattress exposure to the sun to help the process.


Should A New Mattress Smell?


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Memory Foam

Off-gassing, or chemical odors, is one issue that is often listed by those considering memory foam. About 15% of people who buy a memory foam mattress report a noticeable odor. For most people, this is a just a minor annoyance that dissipates within a few days to a few weeks. It is best to search for a green alternative Memory Foam like a Soy based Memory Foam.

Should A New Mattress Smell?


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