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Will My Mattress / Futon Mattress Work As A Sofa Or A Bed?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 1:06:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Will my mattress work as a Sofa or a Bed?

Will My Mattress Work As A Sofa Or A Bed?

One of the most common questions I see involving futons deals with mattress quality If you had experience with a futon when you were younger, odds are it was your typical cheaply made overseas metal frame and low grade cotton mattress. The cotton would shift in these mattresses and cause horrible lumps in the mattresses.

The Futon Shop makes futon mattresses with natural, chemical free, and organic ingredients such as cotton, wool, and latex. They also use green alternatives to common ingredients like soy foam, soy memory foam, gel soy memory foam, and recycled steel coils. With that being said the combinations of these ingredients comprise over 40 mattresses that The Futon Shop currently sells. If you don't find one you like you can also get any combination of ingredients in your own custom mattress. All their mattresses are made in the United States in San Francisco California at their manufacturing plant.

3 Types of Use

Mattresses 3 types of use


1. Mattresses that have been specifically designed for every night sleep on a platform bed frame for maximum comfort and will not bend on a futon sofa bed These mattresses are designed to be used on platform bed frames as typical mattresses. They either are too heavy to be used on a futon or have a large slab of soy foam or latex so they will not bend as easily.

Best Mattresses For A Platform Bed

Serenity Plus - Ecorest Max - Cocosupport - Twilight - Theta - Delta

Platform bed mattresses

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2. Mattresses that have been specifically designed for use on both platform bed frames and futon sofa beds These mattresses can be used on a futon frame or platform bed frame interchangeably. Most of the mattresses made by The Futon Shop are designed this way.

Popular Mattresses Purchased At The Futon Shop

Organic Cotton Futon Mattress - Ecopure Rest Futon Mattress

Sofa bed mattresses

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Click to read more about farm to bedroom. The Futon Shop also is one of the largest retailers of platform beds in the United States. They manufacture a good portion of their mattresses specifically to be used for sleeping and not sitting.

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So I have put together this handy guide to go over 3 types of use intended for the mattresses offered by The Futon Shop.


3. Mattresses that have been specifically designed for use on a sofa bed frame and are not recommended for every night sleep These mattresses are for futons only. They are intended to be used on futons as separate seating areas. The goal of these mattresses is to provide look and comfort while not breaking the bank.

Top Reviewed Futon Mattresses At The Futon Shop

Ecosupport Futon Mattress - Ecopure Futon Mattress - Pure Comfort Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses

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