What Are The Most Comfortable Futons?

What Are The Most Comfortable Futons?

What Are The Most Comfortable Futons? - Futons vs. Platform Beds

Futon mattresses can be made just like traditional mattresses, but there can be differences.

  • Most futon mattresses bend in the middle to fold on a futon couch.
  • If your futon needs to fold, the mattress cannot use springs that contain a border wire.
  • Most mattresses have a taped edge as they are made on a table and most futon mattresses utilize a stuffing machine and have a zipper (better so you can see what is inside nothing is hidden).
  • Most mattresses are made with layers and layers of polyurethane foams, too thick a futon mattress will not fold easily on a futon frame
  • Any futon mattress or traditional mattress with more than 4 inches of latex is too heavy for a futon frame and will not fold
  • Coconut Coir mattresses and futon mattresses over 2 inches thick will not fold on a futon frame
  • Most mattresses are not made with as many comfort layers of garnetted cotton and wool as futon mattresses are. This is why they are tufted, to keep the natural fibers together. )

The higher quality futons in the market today are affordable, comfortable, and provide an eco-friendly option for people searching for organic and chemical free mattresses. Contrary to popular belief, futons can be used primarily as an everyday bed, on a platform bed. Futons have received a bad reputation over the years. This is for 2 reasons. First, a flood of cheap, uncomfortable futons mattresses being sold through big box stores and e-commerce websites. The customer never touches the futon mattresses and is generally very disappointed in the comfort of these cheap futon mattresses once they opened the box. Many of these mattresses use cheap, imported materials and are only designed to last a year or two. The second reason is the negative memory people have of their cheap college dorm futon mattress, which was a throw away futon mattress once school ended. Much has changed over the past 40 years in futons.

Some ingredients in futon mattresses that bend are the same ingredients as traditional mattresses that don’t bend. Some of these ingredients include; organic or natural latex; organic or natural wool; and organic or natural cotton. If a mattress has many layers of natural fibers, the futon mattress will need to use tufts. There are machine tufts and hand tufts. Hand tufting has been around for hundreds of years and can still be found today. Machine tufts tend to be stronger, last longer, and create a more uniform and comfortable mattress.

A great feature of bendable organic and natural futon mattresses and mattresses is you can get them delivered to your home in a box, which allows for quick and less expensive shipping costs. Also you can get them into doorways, elevators and up and down steep staircases.

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Futon Frame Mattresses

What Are The Most Comfortable Futons?

Futon Frame Mattresses

What Are The Most Comfortable Futons?

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These mattresses can be constructed for every night sleep and want the highest quality mattress for the best price. Most typically, futon mattresses are purchased for use in guest rooms, home offices, or secondary seating areas where they will be used sparingly. With that being the case, most typically people search for inexpensive solutions still made from high quality ingredients. Bottom line on a futon frame there are mattresses specifically designed to be used on futon frame and these can either be made for every day sleep or occasional use. When buying a futon frame first figure out the way you intend to use it then do some research to find a mattress that will fit all your needs.

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Platform Bed Mattresses

Made for everyday sleep. Made of high quality ingredients. Sometimes they use large blocks of high density foam 6 inches or bigger. These large blocks of foam do not bend in a proper way to be used on a futon frame. As well as being constructed from different materials these mattresses also tend to be a lot heavier due to the weight of these ingredients. The weight of some of these mattresses might make it impractical for use on a futon frame.

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What Are The Most Comfortable Futons?


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