What Are The Best Sofa Bed Mattresses?

What Are The Best Sofa Bed Mattresses?

Traditional Sofa Bed Mattresses and Futon Sofa Bed Mattresses

Sofa bed mattresses and futon mattresses vary based on what type of sofa bed you have. There are 2 basic types of sofa beds that have removable mattresses giving you the choice of comfort and health benefits. The first type are Traditional Sofa beds that that fold up inside the frame when closed during the day into the couch position. The second type are futon frames that open and close with the mattress or futon mattress exposed.

What Are The Best Sofa Bed Mattresses?

Traditional Sofa bed mattresses that fold inside a frame have to have a thinner profile than traditional mattresses, usually less than 5 Inches. If they are too thick they will not fold into a s shape and fold inside the sofa bed frame. Most of these types of mattresses are coils (that you can feel), polyurethane foams, memory foams and gels. It is hard to find a natural sofa bed mattress that is comfortable and affordable. Most of these sofa bed mattresses need to be made in special sizes as sofa beds are not uniform and many different sizes exist by manufacturer.

The Mattresses have been specifically designed for use on either a traditional sofa bed or a futon sofa bed The list of futon mattresses below bend in half to accommodate a convertible sofa bed frame, but may also be used like a traditional mattress on a platform bed frame or other uses. We also have specific pull-out sofa bed mattresses that have been designed for use as replacement mattresses for traditional pull-out sofa beds.

Chemical Free Traditional Sofa Bed Replacement Mattresses

Futon Sofa Beds Mattresses can be thick, comfortable and long lasting as well as natural and organic. There are as many combinations of natural and organic futon frame sofa bed mattresses as there are mattresses for every night sleep. The benefit to a futon sofa bed is you can get a more comfortable mattress that sleeps like a traditional mattress, and you can change the cover anytime. Ever get tired of looking at your sofa and want to paint the walls a different color but it will clash with your sofa or couch. That issue is handled with futon sofa beds as you can change the removable and washable slip cover as many times a year as you want.

Sofa beds are not usually comfortable enough to sleep on every night. But futon sofa beds can be so comfortable that you want to sleep on them every night. Futon sofa bed mattresses are made with many of the same ingredients used in the best organic and natural mattresses on the market today. These ingredients include; Firm organic and natural latex; natural and organic wool and cotton; micro coils; and coconut coir. Don’t be fooled by the look of a sofa bed. Make sure you understand the type of mattress included with the sofa bed, as that is the part that your guests will remember. They either slept well or they didn’t.

Organic Cotton Futon Sofa Bed Mattresses

Spring Futon Sofa Bed Mattresses

Wool Sofa Bed Mattresses

Latex Sofa Bed Mattresses

Soy Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattresses

Gel Soy Memory Foam Sofa BedMattresses

Soy Foam Sofa Bed Mattresses

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