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Will My Mattress Lump?

Monday, June 13, 2016 3:03:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

Will My Mattress Lump?

Will My Mattress Lump?

Futons have come a long way. Ten to fifteen years ago, futon mattresses did not have any foam core and the cotton options were limited. Most shops selling futon mattresses presently do not know what kind of cotton is inside their mattresses, and they just sell low price futon mattresses. You get the mattress home and within a few months your mattress has slid half way down your frame, has a huge dip where you have been sitting or laying, and your mattress is lumpy around the whole futon.

The Futon Shop has been specializing in manufacturing futon mattresses since 1976, and they have improved their futon mattresses, by finding the best green and organic fibers to give you the best quality in your mattress for your futon and for your platform bed. The Futon Shop has found Staple cotton to be the best quality cotton to avoid lumpiness for their futon mattresses. Low-grade cotton has short fibers, which do not hold the moisture for very long and tend to break and become a lumpy futon mattress. Top grade Staple cotton has the strongest strands taken from the top of the cotton plant. 100% staple cotton futons therefore resist forming balls or lumps and give futons a longer life expectancy. The Futon Shop uses the best quality long fiber staple cotton for 90% of their mattresses.

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