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Spring Cleaning Tips Before Easter Vacation

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 2:14:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

Easter Vacation Is A Great Opportunity To Spring Clean

Spring Clean Before Easter Vacation

Spring Cleaning Benefits Spring cleaning has a bunch of great benefits. Cleaning out the old to make room for fresh new area in your home eliminates dust, mold, and dirt that could actually be making you feel Research also shows that your mind loves to organize. According to the National Sleep Foundation, organizing your home leads to a calmer happier self, such as the close correlation between making your bed and a rested sleep.In the popular book The Little Book of Tidying: Declutter Your home And Life, the benefits of organizing your home are; clarity of values, saving time and money, peace of mind, and more space for creativity.


Cleaning You Food Pantry Clara Yuvienco from the Food Safety Education Staff at USDA in the Health and Safety Department just released a checklist for your food pantry. Check your cans, throw out food you suspect is spoiled, and check the dates on your food. First clean your pantry, and then watch the videos below to learn tip to create a healthy and zero waste food pantry.

Great Articles On Zero Waste Food Pantries:

A Great Article Including Tips On Healthy Products In Your Pantry:

Tips On A Healthy Pantry

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Minimalist Zero Waste Kitchen Tour
How To Stock A Zero Waste Pantry


A Clean Mattress Cleaning Your Mattress and mattress toppers should always be part of your spring cleaning ritual. First clean your mattress to eliminate dust and potential mold. The second reason why you should make cleaning your mattress part of a healthy thorough spring clean includes making sure your mattress is toxic free. Please read the box below recently released on mattress labels made by Consumer reports.

Cleaning your mattress and mattress topper

Mattress Topper
Source Image: @theeverydaymomlife

Consumer Reports Organic Labels You Can Trust
Source: Consumer Reports

Spring Clean Your Bedroom With AnOrganic Mattress With Certified Organic Ingredients:

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