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Latex Mattress Ingredient Densities

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 1:58:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

Latex Densities

Latex Mattress Ingredient Densities

The Different Densities of latex in your mattress: While shopping for different mattresses, it is important to know that there are different levels of firmness with different ranges for foam, memory foam, and latex.

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What does ILD mean?


Impression Load Deflection. Again.

What does that mean? In basic terms, the ILD will tell you the level of firmness. There are different ratings per latex process. The biggest difference is that only Dunlop is 100% organic and toxic free.

Dunlop Process has been around longer and makes a firmer latex Instead of a flash freeze, the latex goes through what is called a vulcanization, which molds the liquid. During the cooling process, the movement of the cells settle and make it a thicker product. The steps to making chemical free latex is 1) Liquid latex formulation is poured onto a long conveyor belt 2) Liquid latex is slowly heated to “gel” into permanent solid form and 3) Cooled solid latex is removed from conveyor belt

Dunlop Process

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As for chemicals, specifically Vanillin, it depends of the supplier of latex. The process is chemical free, but it is important you ask for info into the company that sells the latex is there are chemicals in the liquid before the process of forming the latex. BE sure to contact the vendor who supplies the latex if you are doing research and the latex is not Dunlop latex. Many times the sales people do not about this topic and it is best to be your own advocate. The Futon Shop lists all the info and lets the consumer decide for themselves how green and organic they want their mattress to be.

Dunlop Process:

  1. Process has been used in latex manufacturing since 1929
  2. Thick rubber sap is whipped into a froth in a centrifuge
  3. Sap is poured into a mold, the mold is covered and steam baked
  4. Natural sediments in the mixture settle to the bottom of the mold making Dunlop layers slightly firmer on the bottom side

  Below is the ILD for Dunlop Latex Around the world.  

Global Organic Latex Standard

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