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Are There Fire Retardants In My Mattress / Futon Mattress?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 11:08:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

Are There Fire Retardants In My Mattress?

Are There Fire Retardants In My Mattress?

Flame Retardants can be extremely harmful to ones health. So it is best to reduce the exposure to these chemicals whenever possible. One such place you want to make sure this is the case is your mattress. This is were you spend the biggest portion of your life. You do not want it to be filled with harmful chemicals that can lead to a hospital visit somewhere down the road. Typically in past it has been hard to guarantee the ingredients used in the creation of your mattress because most if not all mattress production is done over seas and then imported. No one can guarantee the use of organic ingredients done in another country with different laws. If you are not sure where your mattress was manufactured chances are it was manufactured over seas and DOES contain fire retardants. The key is to find an American Company that manufactures their products on American soil and is eco conscious. One such company is The Futon Shop. Not only does The Futon Shop manufacture all their products on American soil in San Francisco California but they try to avoid the use of flame retardants whenever possible. They prefer to use the natural fire retardant Virgin Wool as a barrier fabric whenever possible. As a alternative they use borate in their cotton mattresses and they employ a barrier fabric to protect against flame in all foam mattresses. Feel free to contact them at 1800-44-FUTON to find a perfect mattress without fire retardants.

Natural Fire retardant


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