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Futon Frame Manufacturers

Thursday, January 19, 2017 12:40:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Futon Frame Manufacturers

Futon Frame Manufacturers

Innovations in futons and futon technology have helped futon manufacturers weather the storm of the economic downturn. There are many styles available that shoppers will be interested in learning about. A few manufacturers that specialize in futon sofa beds include, Strata Furniture, Lifestyle Solutions, Night and Day Furniture, and Just Lean Back to name a few. Strata makes futon frames which have special wall hugging features that do not require their futons to be moved a significant distance from the wall.

These types of futons are ideal for those using their futons daily as well as others who prefer ease and quality over budget. With these futon frames, you do not have to slide your futon along the floor and away from the wall each time you want to convert your futon into a bed. Instead, they utilize a brilliant design that allows their futons to be extended outward while keeping the legs of the futon stationary.

Night and Day Furniture, a company based in Vancouver, Washington, makes a futon frame with a novel design that makes installation and operation much easier than other more traditional style futon frames. They have called their design the Shoe Fitting Operation System. A few futon frames they offer in their line include the Solstice, the Winter, and the Shadow.

One of the largest and most innovative futon manufacturers, Lifestyle Solutions provides tremendous variety and solid quality. Their futon frames include innovative models such as the Jetson futon, the Manila futon and the Martini futon. They offer a wide assortment of both traditional and contemporary futon sofa beds designed to fit any lifestyle.

Just Lean Back, another innovative futon sofa bed manufacturer has been around from the beginning of western style futon frames, and actually held the patent for the original bifold futon frame. Originally called Nikita Convertibles, designer and founder Nikita Grigoriev back in the mid 1980’s patented the first convertible futon sofa bed. Nearly 40 years later, they are still creating innovative designs that are modern and functional with their Flip-Bar.

Futon Frame Manufacturers



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