Strata Bedroom Furniture

Strata Bedroom Furniture

Many futon manufacturer’s today have become preoccupied with being the cheapest, loosing sight of the important details needed to create lasting beautiful furniture. Strata Furniture’s belief is a refreshing departure from this way of thinking. They create futon frames and bedroom accessories that have the look and strength of conventional furniture with the versatility of a futon. They make high quality furniture at a fair price, with the use of low VOC finishes and solid plantation grown wood construction as opposed to inferior particle board.

Strata Bedroom Furniture

Their innovative patented front-loading Wall Hugger™ Mechanism has set their futon frames apart from the competition. Of course, there are less expensive options, but as the old adage goes, “You get what you pay for”. Many times, a person buys an inexpensive piece of furniture and due to poor construction, poor design, and inferior materials, their new purchase breaks, cracks or splinters within a few months of use. Cutting corners to save cost does not work with furniture. It will simply not hold up. With Strata Furniture, spending a little extra guarantees a long lasting addition to your home.

Strata Furniture Frames offers many distinct advantages. Their wall hugger Futon Frame mechanism allows conversion of the frame from sofa to bed without moving the furniture away from the wall, saving your back. Who wants to move a heavy frame and mattress from the wall in order to go to bed? There is no other futon frame on the market that can make this claim. They are also the only futon manufacturer that offers frames have finished backs. Their Signature Collection combines the look of a conventional sofa with the versatility of a futon frame resulting in a piece of furniture that looks beautiful from any view. In the bed position, these stunning frames appear more like a daybed than a futon.

Their Carriage Collection continues the tradition of stylish frames with unique designs. These frames incorporate the same patented front-loading, Wall Hugger™ technology, but adhere more to the look of a traditional western style futon frame. Quality manufacturing in addition to rigid standards and quality control procedures help to create their sturdy futon frames that are unequaled in the marketplace. Strata Furniture frames are well-known for their strength, construction, and ease of operation. In order to accomplish this, their frames utilize more wood that the average futon frame to ensure its durability and comfort by better supporting the mattress. Strata Furniture is environmentally conscious, utilizing certified sustainably forested first grade Plantation Grown Rubberwood. We expect each product to not only look great and operate smoothly, but also to be extremely well built and to last.

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