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Futon Mattress Cover Ingredient - Biodegradable, Durable and Convenient

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Futon Mattress Cover Ingredient - Biodegradable, Durable and Convenient

Cotton - Biodegradable, Durable and Convenient


Organic cotton is one of the most versatile and widely used fibers in history.  In addition to its durability, it is both biodegradable and convenient to use.

What makes Organic Cotton Fiber so durable? Organic cotton is a prevalent natural textile that is extremely durable.  Each cotton fiber is composed of concentric layers. The cuticle layer on the fiber itself is separable from the fiber and consists of wax and pectin materials. The primary wall, the most peripheral layer of the fiber, is composed of cellulosic crystalline fibrils. The secondary wall of the fiber consists of three distinct layers. All three layers of the secondary wall include closely packed parallel fibrils with spiral winding of 25-35o and represent the majority of cellulose within the fiber. The innermost part of cotton fiber, known as the lumen, is composed of the remains of the cell contents. Before the boll (protective encasements) opens, the lumen is filled with liquid containing the cell nucleus and protoplasm. The twists and convolutions of the dried fiber are due to the removal of this liquid. The cross-section of the fiber is bean-shaped, swelling almost round when moisture absorption takes place.

Not only is cotton fiber extremely durable, it is a convenient fiber, being completely safe to wash and dry in a regular washing machine and dryer. There is no need for dry cleaning or special cleaning instructions. Most importantly, organic cotton is biodegradable, leaving a small ecological footprint.

Cotton is a natural fiber made of mostly cellulose, making it completely biodegradable.  All-cotton clothing can also be recycled and used in the manufacture of useful materials, such as household insulation. Approximately 60 percent of all harvested cotton fiber is used to produce yarns and threads, which in turn are used in the manufacture of fabrics for clothing and indoor or outdoor furnishings.

Finished cotton products have become increasingly recycled in products such as insulation and for use in the medical industry. More recently, the waste products of cotton manufacturing have been used in as an effective composting material. This organic material includes the seeds, hulls, stocks and broken shorter cotton fibers that are pulled from the boll during the milling process. These waste products used to be burned or incinerated, but now, cotton growers have been investing money into composting machines that convert the waste material into usable compost. These composting machines, it has been noted, can turn the gin waste into high-grade compost within three days. According to cotton harvesters, it takes only three days for these commercial composting machines to produce large quantities of high-grade compost.

More information regarding cotton may be found at www.cotton.org

Organic Cotton Is:
  1. Hypoallergenic Cotton
  2. Cotton Temperature Control
  3. Biodegradable, Durable & Convenient Cotton
  4. Cotton Free of GMO's

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