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Harmony - Firm Soy Foam and Organic Cotton Mattress - Twin Size

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Harmony Firm Soy Foam Mattress

The Harmony is still available but we now recommend the naturalrest for a longer lasting mattress. Naturalrest Futon Mattress

Product Description

Harmony Organic Cotton and Foam Futon Mattress

Key Organic Cotton Mattress Features:

  • 8-inch Medium Firm Organic Cotton Mattress.
  • 6-8 year life expectancy with occasional use.
100% Natural Organic Staple Cotton
  • Chemical free, organically grown.
  • 28-50 lbs of Firm Natural Support. (Depending on size of mattress)
  • Eco-Friendly Natural bedding.
  • Grown in America.
Bioflex Hybrid Foam made with parts Soybean oil
  • Eco-friendly alternative to standard entirely petroleum based mattress foams.
  • Medium Density Futon Mattress Foam.
  • 4 inches - 38 ILD - 1.10 Density
Comes with Standard Poly-Cotton Mattress Case
  • Also available with Organic Cotton Mattress Case or Natural Bamboo Fiber Mattress Case for an additional fee.
  • Organic Cotton Case Upgrade Requires a Note from your Health Care Provider


How to Order a Chemical Free Organic Cotton Mattress Without Borate

In accordance with Federal law, all Natural Futon Mattresses must be fire retardant. Our mattresses contain sodium borate as a flame retardant. Sodium Borate, or Borax, is used in many products, including as a food additive or in household cleaning agents. It also works effectively as a fire retardant.
With a prescription from your healthcare provider, we can manufacture this mattress without borate. There is no additional charge to make your mattress without borate. Call 1-800-443-8866 for more information on our non-borate organic mattresses or email your note to

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Organic Cotton Mattress made in San Francisco

We proudly present The Harmony Organic Futon Mattress, a supportive mattress with pure and Eco-friendly ingredients made locally in San Francisco. The Organic Harmony Futon Mattress is made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton and 4 inches of bio-based convoluted Eco-friendly soybean foam that is CertiPUR-US Certified

The Hybrid Soy Foam is made without Phthalates, Formaldehyde, or PBDE's. Additionally, the petro-chemicals in the foam used in The Harmony Organic Foam Cotton Futon Mattress have been eliminated as much as possible and replaced with Eco-Friendly Soy Bean Oil without changing the integrity, support or life expectancy of this futon mattress.

The 4 inches of this bio-flex soy foam has a medium density and great support factors including; enhanced hand and tactile properties, Excellent Tear/Tensile strength, plus Supreme cell integrity for longer life.

The Harmony Organic Mattress is suggested for occasional sitting and sleeping with a platform bed or convertible futon sofa bed and is ideal for medium use in a second bed room, home office or guest room.

This mattress has been specifically designed for use on a sofa bed frame for and is not recommended for every night sleep

For every night sleep see The Perfect Comfort Mattress

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Product Dimension Diagram

SizeA wall space (inches)B height (inches)C depth (inches)D extension
(for love seats only)