What is the best quilted wool mattress?

What is a Quilted Mattress?

For those looking for the best quilted mattress, look no further than the Quilted Wool Mattress collection. Best of all, these mattresses are free from any chemical flame retardants and feature anti-microbial and dust mite resistant material. No need for mattresses with memory foam or chemically filled foam mattresses.

Popular Questions:

What is a Quilted Mattress?

A quilted mattress is a mattress with a stitched cover that holds the soft layers in place. The quilted cover provides a smooth, flat surface with a decorative pattern. It can be made from natural materials like linen, wool, silk, and cotton, or synthetic materials like foam, fiber, and polyester.

Are quilted mattresses good?

Yes, quilted mattresses are considered good because they have a smooth finish, provide a high level of comfort, and use eco-friendly materials.They often feature a natural repellent of moisture and ideal temperature control, providing a comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, quilted mattresses are often made with up to 16 pounds of wool, which helps maintain natural loft and spring, ensuring a restful night's sleep. The wool serves as a natural fire barrier in the quilt covering the mattress.

What is memory foam quilted sprung mattress vs.organic quilted mattress?

A memory foam quilted mattress combines support and durability with the contouring and pressure-relieving properties of memory foam, offering a balance between comfort and support. On the other hand, an organic quilted mattress is made from natural materials such as organic cotton, wool, or latex, providing a more eco-friendly and chemical-free sleeping surface while still offering comfort and support through the quilted construction.

What is a micro quilted mattress?

A micro quilted mattress has a cover that is stitched or covers the top layers inside the mattress, typically made of knitted ticking and attached to the upper fillings. This creates a flat surface, commonly found on foam-topped mattresses, offering a luxurious feel and promoting better quality sleep. The deep comfort layers of micro quilted mattresses provide contouring and bounce-back properties, resulting in a firm yet highly comfortable sleeping experience that always returns to its natural shape when not in use.

What is the difference between a foam bed and mattress?

The distinction between a foam bed and a mattress revolves around the materials utilized in their construction. A foam bed typically consists of foam, like memory foam or polyfoam, renowned for its contouring properties. Conversely, a natural mattress, incorporating materials such as wool, latex, and coconut coir, presents a compelling alternative to foam, providing better temperature regulation and breathability for individuals seeking a cooler sleep environment.

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What's Inside?

Organic Wool

Organic Wool offers your body ultimate temperature control, muscle relaxation and deeper REM sleep,and is a natural fire retardant. Our mattresses contain nothing but natural and GOTS certified organic wool to create the fire resistants needed to pass all fire-retardant requirements.

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Organic Cotton

The organic cotton we use in our mattresses and futons is American. Organic Cotton is naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation, and doesn’t tend to irritate the skin.


We blend our cashmere with natural latex to hold the fibers together. Cashmere goats also called Capra (hircus laniger) produce a double fleece of wool. This wool is removed by combing the fleece, it is possible to collect the hair in a week following natural spring molting season.

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Horse Hair

Our Oeko-Tex certified horsetail is blended with natural wool. Our Horsehair is added to our mattresses because of the amazing inherent strength and springiness to each fiber, so they won’t break or lose its natural flexibility, helping to restore the integrity to the longevity of your mattress, as each strand cushions and supports every contour of your body.

Camel Hair

Oeko-Tex certified Camel Hair in our mattresses because of the highly thermostatic property natural camel hair provides. The camel hair fiber helps your body dry as camel hair has great moisture-wicking properties while adding a soft comfortable luxurious feel.

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Organic Latex

Organic Pure Dunlop Latex Mattresses, custom designed to conform to your unique body type, Naturally hypoallergenic with perfect air flow, organic latex adds support while maintaining consistent weight distribution, providing superb pressure relief to all areas of your body.

Coconut Coir

Each Coconut Mattress offers a relaxing and comfortable sleep, with firm and extra firm support. Our Coconut mattresses combine layers of coconut coir, latex and wool, providing adequate support for the body’s weight, and gently cradles your body's every curve.

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Ingredients That You Can Trust

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What Makes Us Sustainable?

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In order to be chemical free or non-toxic, the materials must come from nature. So agricultural materials like organic cotton, natural and organic wool, natural and organic coconut fiber, and natural and organic latex are the main ingredients used in mattresses to offer a non-toxic environment. Manufacturers such as TFSLEEP and THEFUTONSHOP take pride in being members of the Sustainable Furniture Council and The Organic Trade Association, in order to keep up with standards of USDA, GOTS and GOLS Organic and eco-friendly practices.

Using fabric that is GOTS certified is another way to create clean mattresses. This https://www.ota.com/advocacy/organic-standards/national-organic-program in an international textile processing standard for around the world and is a organization that is backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. GOTS is used for textiles and wool fibers. Each and every chemical free mattress or futon mattress must meet the federal standard for flammability, 16 CFR 1633. Using GOTS Certified Ingredients such as natural wool as a natural fire retardant is the healthiest way to meet these stringent standards while using organic ingredients. Some examples of chemical flame retardants include; PBDE( Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether); Boric Acid; fiberglass fabric or even Sodium Soaked Cotton Fabric Socks made cyanide based chemicals.

For those who are concerned about these potentially harmful chemicals and you are allergic to wool, any our mattresses and futons can be made Chemical Free and shipped to your home. Simply get a doctor note or a note from a licensed healthcare provider. Every mattress and futon in The Futon Shop's chemical free futon mattress or chemical free mattress line has wool added to the top of each mattress, which acts as a natural fire retardant. Wool is the magic ingredient that is used as a fire retardant in all Futon Shop Chemical Free Futon Mattresses. Think of wool as a thermostat, regulating temperature warming up in cold weather and cooling down in warm weather.

It is a jack of all trades in such markets as mattresses, fashion, flooring, and so on. It is a multifaceted, practical and dependable fiber because of its high resilience. One key factor that makes wool such a beneficial ingredient in mattresses is the fire retardant property. Wool has been used in textiles for 100's of years and is naturally a fire retardant because it does not ignite from a flame. It is resistant to dust mites, milew and mold, and is hygroscopic. Not only is wool a natural temperature controller for your body but wool is as natural as the hair on our heads.

These characteristics make it ideal for use in bedding. The reason it is not more widely used in furniture, especially in mattresses, is cost. Chemical free and Organic Wool is very expensive and therefore not ideal for manufacturers looking to keep cost down. When combining materials with GOTS organic wool, GOLS organic latex, USDA organic cotton, GOLS certified coconut coir you can rest assured that your mattress will offer chemical free and non-toxic sleep. If you can not afford all organic ingredients we also make chemical free futons and mattresses using natural materials such as natural wool and natural latex and natural coconut.

The difference is these ingredients are not certified by a third party supplier. We prefer to use organic cotton over conventional cotton, as conventional cotton is very harsh on the environment to cultivate and the quality of organic cotton is far superior in feel and durability.

Tour Our Quilted Mattress With Pocketed Springs

Imagine sinking into a soft and plush quilted mattress after a long day. Now add springs into a layer of a mattress that supports and conforms to your body's every curve. It's like sleeping on a cloud that's tailored just for you - a haven for restful and rejuvenating sleep. Take a look into our quilting process.

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Featuring pocketed sprung mattresses with springs, you can say goodbye to aches and pains, and hello to sweet dreams. It's the perfect companion for those who want the ultimate sleep experience, and a cozy haven to retreat to at the end of every day.

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