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Black Friday Sale: 4 Space-Saving Decorating Ideas For A Dual Purpose Guest Room

Monday, November 21, 2016 10:30:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Black Friday Sale: 4 Space-Saving Decorating Ideas For A Dual Purpose Guest Room

Black Friday Sale: 4 Space-Saving Decorating Ideas For A Dual Purpose Guest Room


1) Family Room/ Guest Room

A family room/guest room has more of a casual look because of the multifunctional activities such as watching tv, video games, reading, and more. When decorating a family room, it is ideal to add furniture with storage beds and functionality because of the everyday use. The family room often is the most used room in a home. A guest room is that special spot in the entire house where you can kick your feet up and binge watch Netflix movies, sit back and get some alone time reading your favorite book, gather with your friends and talk for hours or spacing out on your smartphone on your favorite app. An added feature that most family rooms need is added storage to store the books, DVD's, and items that you like to use in the room. Why not add a sofa futon with drawers for your DVD's, games, books, or even added sheets for the guest bed.

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2) The Office/ Guest Room

The Office/ Guest Room decor is a little more on the simple side. When it comes to the other Guest Rooma, it can be fun to bring in bright colors and patters with the decor, but the office is where you get things done. It is where you need to work from home, finish a project for school, or have a meeting if you need to or have meeting on the phone or by computer. If this is your only spot where you can fit a guest bed, it is best to look into futon sofas from the wallhugger futon sofabed selection for easy mechanisms with simple lines, or even The Futon Shop's cabinet beds if you are tight on space. Not only does the cabinet bed save space, but it does not even look like it is a bed in the room if you happen to have a meeting at home or on skype or facetime meeting.

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3) Kids Play Room/ Guest Room

4 Decorating Tips For A Kids Room/ Guest Room

1) Choose Furniture That is Safe, Sturdy, and Chemical Free

It is always important to think about getting sturdy strong furniture that can withstand the rough and tumble that kids can often put furniture through. Through play, kids often jump and run into furniture. It is important to pick furniture that can stay strong and not break. The Futon Shop has warranties on all futons and mattresses. Sofa beds and futon mattresses are a great option as they are high quality with thick mattresses and the hardwood can handle wear and tear of use. The mechanism built it the sofa beds and futon frames are easy and can be used by kids and teens if shown proper use. The Futon Shop has a huge selection of natural and chemical free furniture that does not off gas, nor does it have flame retardants. The chemical free mattress line uses wool as a fire retardant and The Futon Shop just launched their first Amish futon frames that are chemical free. As for the futon covers, futons with washable covers are ideal. If milk or food fall on your furniture, just throw it in the wash.

2) Choose Sofa Bed or Day Bed With Storage

If there is not a lot of storage, a great idea is to get a bed with storage. The Futon Shop offers storage/drawers with futon sofabeds, bunk beds, platform beds, and daybeds.

3) Choose Futon Sofa Beds That Are Multifunction

There are many designs that can fit in a dual space guest room. Futon Sofa beds range from a modern looking sofa sleeper with leather or textured microsuede, or another look with craftsman style mission arm with hardwood sofa bed in an array of finishes.

4) Choose Futon Decorative Covers That Are Fun And Functional

The color you choose should match the guest room style and the kids room. With over 100 colors and textures, there is every futon cover selection imaginable. Also, The Futon Shop sews their own covers, so many customers pick their own fabrics from their favorite fabric store and bring it in for custom work. Anything is possible at The Futon Shop, and it is a joy to see new fabrics for inspiration for what is trending during the different seasons.

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4) Kitchen Room/ Guest Room

Whether you live in an apartment or dwell in your own home, the design of many home do connect the kitchen to the living room or an open space that might call for a sofa bed to be the best option. Finding that perfect piece of furniture can be stressing, but wooden futon sofa beds often are a match in heaven because the wood fits the style of the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and decor of the kitchen tables. Hosting overnight guests when you do not have guest room can be overwhelming, but the secret is get creative and find that spot in your home that you can put a daybed or sofa for added seating and convert easily into a bed for sleeping. If you live in a one bedroom or if there is no space for a guest room, the guest room near the kitchen is perfect place because it fits as a sleeping bed as well added sitting for guests while hosting a party for friends and family.


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