What Is The Best Type Of Futon?

What Is The Best Type Of Futon?

The Futon Shop Partners With Expert Amish Craftsmen


Two words: American Made and Locally sourced. These two words are important messages The Futon Shop have imprinted into their philosophy for over 40 years. Within these 40 years, customer loyalty and word of mouth has been the foundation behind 11 Futon Shop Locations in California showrooms. The Futon Shop prides itself on premium quality natural ingredients locally sourced in America, but this would not be possible if it was not for the public response. Consumer demand in 1976 for a natural mattress for their home and family has never ceased and with news and information easily reached in one’s fingertips, the demand has increased globally. The Futon Shop does not stop with the mattress, the futon frame manufactured and designed in America is also important and decreases carbon footprint.

The Futon Shop’s mission to design healthy non-toxic futon mattresses does not stop with the mattress. What about the futon frame? The Futon Shop recently partnered with Amish Craftsmen to Design an exclusive line of American Made and Chemically Free Futon Frames. The Futon Shop continues to evolve manufacturing their products striving to work and find locally sourced materials, make products in America, and creating chemical free furniture for the consumer that are affordable and of the highest quality. Working with Amish artisans that have built beautiful works of art and have pride in their furniture offers customers solid oak and solid cherry futon sofa bed styles that are durable, dependable, and sustainable.


Amish Chemical Free Futon Frames; Handcrafted Locally USA Made


What Is The Best Type Of Futon? What Is The Best Type Of Futon?


For the first time we are introducing 100% chemical free American Made solid cherry and oak wood futon frames. The Amish have a well-earned reputation for hard work and quality workmanship. Our Amish natural furniture builders and craftsmen have earned their reputation for manufacturing top of the line hand-crafted furniture with the emphasis long life and beauty. The Futon Shop is proud to bring you the best options in US made handcrafted furniture for a chemically free life. Three Stylish chemical free cherry and oak futon frames arms styles with no lauquer or stains just a simple natural linseed oil finish hand rubbed especially for us.


The Futon Shop Goes Back To Basics

The Futon Shop’s New exclusive chemically free cherry and oak futon frames crafted by the Amish are top quality. The Amish only use two natural ingredients in production. Natural water based glues and Natural Linseed Oil. Craftsman have been talking about Linseed oil for centuries as a natural product that comes purely from flaxseed.


What Is The Best Type Of Futon?

When shopping for furniture, it is important to know your labels. At The Futon Shop, we empower consumer with complete transparency. You have a right to know what is in the products you buy for your home and your family.

Sitting on futons, sofa beds, and Platform beds that are 100% Chemically Free is easy, but some companies hide toxins that are inside their furniture. Manufactures often say they have organic materials, or they are organic and flame retardant as part of the greenwashing trend. Just because a company says they have organic material does not mean their product is completely toxic free or even 100 percent organic. Companies that allow customers to look inside their products, companies that partner with manufacturers following standard laws and regulations, and companies that allow customers to see how their factory is run are the kind of responsible companies that customers can trust and rely on.


What Is The Best Type Of Futon?

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