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3 Tips To Advance Sleep Health With Chemical Free Furniture

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 1:02:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

3 Tips To Advance Sleep Health With Chemical Free Furniture

3 tips to advance sleep health


Decorating your dream home takes time and hours of research searching for that perfect piece of furniture that will fit your personal style, comfort level, and budget. It has become a fun shopping experience for consumers with access to top trending interior design tips from sources such as; pinterest, instagram, and Interior Design blog favorites Apartment Therapy and Dwell. Not only do these amazing interior design websites inspire, they also make it look easy with step by step tips on creating your own style and look at your fingertips. According to Furniture Today, consumers are looking for quality and affordable furniture that lasts for 15 years. Statistics show furniture designed with quality is what customers are looking for, but how do you know what is good quality with the ever increasing popularity of websites, blogs, and furniture companies proclaiming their furniture is the best.

Furniture shopping can increase consumers anxiety because normally prices can get expensive, and many retailers try to confuse consumers with mixed message, sales and often lies to the consumer. Often shoppers will buy a sofa bed or mattress trusting claims that the retailer’s mattress or couch is healthy for them, but within a couple hours or days an odd odor will develop. Calling sales people, retail managers or yelping often get dismissed leading to more frustration and hopelessness. You may wait patiently, but the smell does not disappear. The strange smell might be VOC’s, which are Volatile Organism Compounds that off-gas poisons into your home. Consumers have the right to know the ingredients that are inside their purchased furniture, but more and more furniture retailers and manufacturers hide these very scary facts from the consumers.

After reading the above it is expected to feel a little upset. That is a normal reaction. Now take a deep breath and take note to what you are about to learn. Here are 3 Ways To Ensure Your Home Is Toxic Free, ensuring a safe and comfortable space for you and your family. But first it is important to know which toxins to look out for when it comes to the furniture industry.

Chemical free lifestyle toxic

Source: Medicallydaily.com

Phthalates: In Vinyl Wood Finishes, box springs

Health Concern: Reproductive System

VOC’s: In Paints, Lacquers, petroleum foam and latex cores

Health Issues: irritates the nose, throat and mouth, damage to the liver, kidney, and central nervous system.

Flame Retardants: In Mattresses, Cushions, And Upholstery, box springs

PBDE’s are Polybrominated diphenyl ethers off-gas

Health Concern: Pregnant women exposed are at risk for neurobehavioral alterations in newborn animal in studies, thyroid problems.

California Flammability laws, (Technical Bulletin 117: TB 117) has led manufacturers to soil foams in sofa beds, and upholstered furniture with toxic flame retardants following the mandated flame retardant laws. The Green Policy Organization has done extensive research into flame Retardants, explaining the dangers and prevalence of flame retardants lurking in homes since the inception of the flame retardant laws. In fact, Green Policy and scientists from Duke University found 85% of couches contain harmful flame retardants between 1984-2010 directly in the foam.

Flame Retardant Laws 1633 also require flame retardants in mattresses. Here are a couple chemicals often used as a flame retardant:

- PBDE’s - Polybrominated diphenyl ethers

- Firemaster 550- bis, phthalate, TBPH, Chlorinated Tris

Please See An Extensive Flame Retardants Law Timeline From Green Policy Organization

Formaldehyde: In Furniture Glue

Health Concern: Increases chance of cancers including Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Leukemia. According to The Center For Disease Control, formaldehyde studies of over 30 years has led a reclassification that predicts such ingredients to be carcinogenic to humans.

Triclosan: Bacterial Contamination cleaner used in furniture woods.

Health Concern: According to the EPA, Triclosan Alters Hormone Regulation in animals.

Chlorine & Ammonia: Bleach In Furniture Stains & Refinishing

Health Concern: Irritation to skin, eyes, throat, and lungs. Long term lung problems.

The Futon Shop

Amish Futon Frames Amish Futon Frames


Chemical Free Futon Frames: Amish American Made

What Sets The Futon Shop apart With Chemical Free Futon Frame Options?

American Made

Chemical Free

Exclusive for The Futon Shop are the new handcrafted mission and shaker style “Space saving” futon frames by the Amish with water base glue for a dependable sofa. Linseed oil is used as a natural and simple wood cleaner and a wood preservative. The Amish futon frames come in different finishes naturally with linseed oil, a simple natural way to finish woods without using chemicals on their products. Linseed oil is a pure ingredient used for centuries extracted from flax seeds. There are endless options with healthier options when it comes to chemical free furniture.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts:

No VOC’s

No Formaldehyde

Be sure to stay away from formaldehyde in that also have been found in cosmetics. Check Out the Breast Cancer Fund campaign for safe cosmetics, The Futon Shop’s partner in fighting against toxins in the environment.

Chemical Free Mattresses chemical free mattresses


Chemically Free Futon Mattresses:
No Toxic Flame Retardants, Petroleum, or Pesticides

What Sets The Futon Shop apart With Chemical Free Futon Mattress Options?

The Futon Shop uses wool as a natural fire retardant

All chemical free futon mattress are free of off-gassing from petroleum based foams.

- Latex ingredients are all natural without the use of chemicals in production

- No poisonous pesticides in organic cotton

Flame Retardants is another group of toxins that not only affect our planet, but greatly harms the vulnerable such as innocent newborn child in a mother’s womb. According to Scientific America, a study involving prenatal exposure to flame retardants of 309 blood samples from pregnant women had spikes in the levels of one class of flame retardant which was PBDE’s. This study has a direct correlation with behavioral and cognitive difficulties for these babies in early childhood. Other studies have shown the health impact from flame retardants ranging from lower IQ’s to cancer, male infertility, male birth defects, and early puberty in girls. Recently, the Environmental Health News Conducted research correlating toxic flame retardants with the role of autism.

Here is an interesting Read from Treehugger: Can Your Couch Give You Cancer,

The above is a simple way to understand the dangers of toxins in your furniture.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts:

No Pesticides

No Toxic Flame Retardants

No Foam or Latex Soiled With Petroleum

No Box Springs With Formaldehyde

Chemical Free futon Covers chemical free futon covers

Chemically Free Futon Covers No pesticides, 100% GOTS Certified

What Sets The Futon Shop apart With Chemical Free Futon Cover Options?

The Greenest Fabric Available For Futon Covers.

- Pesticide Free Organic Cotton Fabric

- Water Soluble Dyes In Production

- All Natural Futon slipcovers are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

It’s What’s Inside That Counts:

No Pesticides

No Vinyl Plastics

The Futon Shop Steers clear from manufacturing and purchasing toxic furniture with VOC’s, Pesticides, petroleum,and flame retardants in order to decrease the release of chemicals that can infect customer’s health, homes, and into the environment. Toxins in furniture live for decades traveling through airways all the way to the Arctic polluting native human populations, marine life, polar bears. Supporting sustainable practices and purchasing eco friendly products provides safety to our planet’s air, water, and wildlife.

The Futon Shop takes advantage of the natural benefit of wool’s fire retardant properties in their mattresses, instead of relying on toxic flame retardants. For 40 years The Futon Shop has been the leading manufacturer and retailer promoting healthy sleep options, providing the safest eco friendly futon mattresses and futon sofabed choices using the highest quality ingredients from natural sources. The Futon Shop believes shoppers have the right to know what is inside their mattress and sofabed, and empower customers with transparency on their website, all access info in the stores, and open scheduled tours at their San Francisco Plant. This kind of transparency sets the standard on corporate responsibility, promotes environmentally conscious shoppers, and inspires the furniture industry to introduce more sustainable and toxic free products that are healthy for the home.

Knowing all the facts is key. You as the consumer have the right to know what is inside your mattress or sofa bed. With this knowledge, spread the word so you and your friends and family have a chance to live without toxic flame retardants, pesticides, petroleum, and VOC’s in your home.

Check out our Chemical Free Futons Handcrafted By Expert Amish Craftsman

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