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Trelli Black Walnut Futon Set Free Shipping

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Limited Time : Trelli Futon Set Free Shipping

Everything you need to sleep and sit guests this holiday. Free shipping for the holidays, The Trelli Wallhugger Futon Frame sleeps guests up to 6 ft 3 inch tall, comfortably on an innerspring futon mattress covered in your choice of wash and dryer-safe thick chenille covers. The patented wall hugger mechanism makes conversion from a couch to a bed quick and easy.

This Futon Set Comes With:

  • Trelli Black Walnut Futon Frame
  • Stratus Innerspring Full Double or Queen Futon Mattress
  • Sonora Chenille Full Double or Queen Futon Cover
  • Stop Slip
  • Free Shipping

Trelli Full Futon Set Free Shipping - Black Walnut

Frame * Mattress * Cover * Stop Slip * Free Shipping

The Trelli Wallhugger Futon Frame from Strata features a contemporary Asian design. The delicate lattice design is buttressed by the a sturdy sloping curved armrest. The juxtaposition of the sloped curve and hard angled intricate lattice design provide an elegant piece of functional furniture that is both beautiful and durable. Looking for something exceptional? Look no further than the Trelli: a bold and sleek Wall Hugger™ befitting only the most stylish of owners. With its concave flowing arm cap to its railroad trestle foundation, the Trelli combines a contemporary feel while reflecting on a slower time.

Strata wall hugger futon frames are all coated with low VOC finishes.

  • Contemporary Designs
  • Easy Front Opening & Closing Sofa Bed
  • Converts To Sofa Bed Without Moving Away From The Wall
  • Low VOC Finish
  • High-Quality Imported Hardwood
  • Patented Mechanism
  • Limited Warranty


Denali Wallhugger Futon Frame Cherry
Wood Futon Frame Conversion Example

Comes With Stratus Innerspring Futon Mattress

The Stratus Futon Mattress is one of our most popular futon mattresses giving the same feel you would expect from a traditional Innerspring Mattress. A 4 Inch core of double-tempered high strength steel innersprings are surrounded by 2 layers of high resilience eco-friendly foam to add more cushioning. These layers are encased in several layers of blended cotton. The top and bottom layers are identical making this a flippable mattress.

  • Ideal Fit For Those Seeking Pressure Relief
  • 8-inch Medium Firm Futon or Bed Spring Mattress
  • 1-3 Year Life Expectancy With Occasional Use
  • Features Fire Retardant Free Soy Base Foam

353 4 Inch Conventional Springs

  • Made From Long Lasting Recycled Steel
  • Resilient, Durable, and Familiar Feel

Natural Egyptian Staple Cotton

  • 14–26 Lbs. Of Eco Friendly Mattress Filling
  • Good Occasional Use Futon Mattress For Guest Beds

Soy Based Foam

  • Mattress Foam Made Partially From Soy Bean Oil
  • Fire Retardant Free
  • Shape Conforming Comfort
  • 4 Inch High Density Foam Core - 38 ILD - 1.10 Density

Stratus mattress
> Stratus mattress

Trelli Black Walnut Double Futon Set Frame
Trelli Black Walnut Double Futon Set



Comes With A Washable Chenille Futon Cover

Solid Chenille Futon Cover Sonora

is a luxurious woven fabric that is heavy duty and durable, with a soft hand that feels like wool. All the richness and beauty of fabric derived from the newest fiber technology, 100% Polyester. Perfect for high traffic homes and commercial use. Developed for easy spot cleaning and washability. Anti-sag, stiffing, pilling and shrink protected. Engineered for abrasion resistance.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown 4415


Terracotta 4110


Navy 4101


Black 4117

chenille futon mattress cover

Chenille Fabrics

Chenille is a durable fabric ideal for upholstery. Knit fabrics are far more flexible so they move with the body, stretching and expanding as necessary, this makes them more comfortable but also a significantly less durable material. While knit fabric is comfortable, it is not meant for heavy duty use because of the overall stretchiness. Our woven fabrics are commonly found as the best match for families, they are soft, uniquely comfortable, and outlast most fabrics. Woven fabrics are stronger, more rigid, and hide stains easily! These benefits makes a woven fabric a great decision for long lasting functionality year to year. Now with our woven chenille line you now can choose durable woven fabrics no matter what softness or hand you are looking for!

Comes With A Futon Stop Slip

It really works and will reduce the amount of times you need to adjust your mattress while keeping your futon looking great.

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