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We gently quilt gots organic wool behind our gots organic cotton fabric to create a beautiful luminously soft quilt that unzips allowing you to change the ingredients inside your mattress. These mattresses do not use comfort layers of wool and cotton, instead, we layer micro coils, organic latex, coconut coir, hemp, horsehair, cashmere, and camel hair to create dozens of comfortable mattress styles designs that you can customize in your own bedroom. These customize layers allow you to change the density softness of the latex and layered ingredients, which significantly change the feel of any mattress.

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We are one of the only mattress manufacturers in America to felt cotton and wool fibers into comfort layers for our tufted mattresses in our workshop in San Francisco. These organic cotton and wool comfort layers are gently layered into the body of our tufted mattresses along with micro-coils, coconut fiber, hemp fiber, horsetail, cashmere, camel hair and latex cores creating dozens of mattress designs from soft to extra-firm for your individual comfort and support. When using fiber comfort layers, the mattress must be tufted to ensure the fiber does not break apart, lump or split.

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Since 1976 TFS lovingly handcrafts each natural and organic mattress, sofa, futon, pillow, and slipcover from our San Francisco workshop. We procure and process the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients for our furniture while offering you affordable luxury, comfort, and support in each mattress and sofa we make. Our mission continues through 4 decades to be a natural provider of affordable non-toxic luxury furniture made from the best material from our planet for your health and pleasure.

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We design your mattress with natural and certified organic materials, grown from mother earth. Our mattresses, futons, and bedding materials have been verified by top accredited methods and approved by organic standard.





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Royal Cloud Organic Mattress Set - Luxurious

Royal Cloud is by far our most luxurious mattress set hand designed with Organic and Oeko-Tex certified ingredients. The base royal cloud mattress is firm and supportive with layered hemp, micro coils, organic latex, natural horse tail wrapped in camel hair for ultimate support and lifespan. The topper is layers of GOTS Organic Wool and Oeko-tex certified Horse Tail, and Cashmere infused with natural latex, This is an ultimate sleeping experience.

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Featured Product

EcoRest Max Mattress

Experience Longer, Deeper, and Better sleep with the 9 Inch EcoRest Max Quilted All Natural Latex Mattress. The Natural Latex Mattress is the premier mattress for customizable comfort. Featuring a natural latex core and rubberized coconut coir base, this is the superior choice for select comfort.

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