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Choosing The Right Mattress This Memorial Day

Monday, May 21, 2018 6:04:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Choosing The Right Mattress This Memorial Day

Choosing The Right Mattress This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the best time of year to finalize your spring cleaning. With so many mattress sales this Memorial Day is time to not only spring clean, but a great opportunity to detox your home, and change your mattress. If your mattress is older than 2015 it most likely is filled with fire retardants and harmful chemicals. You can alter the negative affects of toxic pollution and upgrade to chemical free wool mattresses for every member of your home and choose the right mattress based on your body type and how you sleep.

Memorial Day brings memories of summer days, weekend barbeques, holiday getaways, swimming and hanging out with friends and family. But according to consumerreports.org, it is also one of  the the biggest shopping days of the year. So get your groove on, detox you home and start sleeping on comfortable and cozy wool mattresses. Memorial Day 2016 is May 30th, so here are some helpful tips when it comes to shopping for that perfect mattress .

The Futon Shop

Important Factors To Distinguish Before Mattress Shopping To Find Your Perfect Mattress

    What Is Your Sleep Position

The Most Comfortable Mattress For Your Sleep Position:

When it comes to comfort, nothing compares to the durability of wool in a mattress. The Futon Shop has created over 30 mattresses with wool inside in a multitude of comfort levels. There are many variations as well as custom availability, but there are a specific mattresses that are suggested for certain sleeping positions. Sleeping comfort is different for each person, so here is a simple mattress guide for each sleep position and the best way to add comfort to each one.

Side Sleepers

side sleeper position


What Mattress Is Suggested: Soft-Medium Firm Comfort Mattress

Ecopure Latex Wool Mattress - The Ecopure is a perfect mixture of firm from the latex, with an added layer of softness with the wool.

Pillow Tip:

Sleeping with a pillow between your legs, while sleeping on your side gives added support along your spine.  

The Futon Shop also suggests adding an organic cotton side sleeper pillow when sleeping on your side. This incredible removable and washable organic cotton cover with and added cotton, wool, or latex as the insert is perfect for side sleepers. Pregnant women who have the toughest time sleeping rave about how comfortable this pillow is as well.

Back Sleepers

Back Sleeper Sleep position


What Mattress Is Suggested: Medium Firm To Firm Mattress

EcoSupport Mattress - The EcoSupport has 3 main features that add comfort, pressure relief, and hypoallergenic wool to add an extra soft feel. The Latex and 733 4 inch springs give added comfort while sleeping on your back.

Pillow Tip:

The Futon Shop suggests adding a pillow or two under your legs to give relief to the lower back to relieve pressure on your spine, especially the lower back.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleep on your Stomach


What Mattress Is Suggested: Extra Firm

Cocopedic Mattress The Cocopedic mattress has coconut coir infused with Dunlop Latex, then layers of latex and wool topped with an organic cotton quilted cover for maximum comfort. The coconut coir is a great alternative to petroleum based chemical based foam mattresses. The coconut coir is extremely firm, offering optimal back and spinal support with no movement transfer while sleeping. The latex gives bounce and supports for the head, shoulder, hip, back, lumbar, pelvic, upper and lower leg, and feet. The wool is used as a natural fire retardant and maintains a soft and luxurious layer of softness that cradles body while you sleep.

Pillow Tip

The best option while sleeping on your stomach is to sleep on a soft wool pillow.


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