What Is A Click Clack Futon Sofa bed Frame?

What Is A Click Clack Futon Sofa bed Frame?

Click Clack Futons are Convertible Sofa Bed Frames

A sofa bed is any piece of furniture that serves as a couch for sitting in the day time and as a bed for sleeping in the evening. These are specially designed to serve this dual purpose. There are many styles of sofa beds to choose from ranging from size to construction to the type of mattress used inside of it. The issue with click clack sofa beds is they are not that comfortable for regular sleeping and tend to be made smaller that a full size so it is hard for 2 people to sleep on it. There are 3 basic styles of sofa beds that include the traditional pull-out sofa bed, the modern click-clack convertible sofa bed, and the futon sofa bed with a metal base. The name click-clack derives from the sound it makes during conversion from a couch to a bed. Think of the sound made when adjusting a pool lounge chair. The mechanism is very similar. Click Clack sofa beds tend to be rather cheap and not that comfortable as a sofa bed.

Click Clack Sofa Beds Easily Convert

The modern click-clack sofa bed, or Casual Convertible sofa bed frame operates much like a pool side lounge chair with the multiple positions. The back portion of the sofa bed is moveable and can convert from an upright couch, to a lounger, to a bed in seconds just by lifting it up and locking it into place. Generally, these frames have wood or metal framing with a foam and spring support system. Higher end models have memory foam and pocket coil springs that add to the comfort and longevity of the frame. A major benefit to click-clack sofa bed futons is that it is self contained; it does not need a separate mattress or slipcover. All you need to do is convert it to a bed and go to sleep. Another benefit is that it looks like a normal sofa when not being used as a bed. Another added bonus is that many click clack convertible sofa bed frames come with a storage compartment underneath the frame for sheets, blankets and pillows.

Drawbacks To Click Clacks

Click Clack Sofa Beds have a few drawbacks compared to traditional futon sofa beds. Namely, you cannot select the comfort level of the sleeping surface, the size is usually smaller than standard sized mattresses, and you cannot order a separate slipcover. For models that do not have a removable slipcover, like a traditional couch, you want to look for an upholstery fabric that is stain resistant or water repellent. There are models available with microfiber and leather upholstery, although leather is not comfortable to sleep on. Microfiber is highly durable and stain resistant, not to mention that it feels soft. Leather and leather-like upholstered click clack convertible sofa beds are also stain and water resistant and have a modern sleek appearance.

What Is A Click Clack Futon Sofa bed Frame?

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