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Tatami 9x9 Platform

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Tatami floor with mats 9 feet by 9 feet. Simply create an entire tatami room. 9x9 Platform makes a great base for creating traditional Japanese rooms.

*Mats for the 9x9 tatami frame will vary upon availability from the vendor

Tatami 9x9 Platform

Floor Tatami Platform For Sleeping and Living Simply

Our Tatami mats are beautiful Japanese style traditional floor and bed tatami mats. These tatami mats come in many sizes for flooring, here we are offering all our tatami mats fit american mattress sizes. Our tatami mats are 100% compressed straw.

*Mats for the 9x9 tatami frame will vary upon availability from the vendor


Futon mattresses, futon covers, and pillowssold separately.

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The word FUTON is a Japanese word originally referring to any round mat our cushion filled with leaves. The traditional Japanese Futon is a group of three products making up a bed. The three products consist of a futon, which is a thin cotton pad, a shikibuton which is a three folding pad that sits under the thin cotton pad, and a Kakibuton which is a comforter that goes on top of the thin cotton pad. Learn more about What is a Futon?.

Platform beds range from a simple wood pallet, elegantly curved sleigh beds, storage and captains platform beds, all the way to full enclosed 4 poster Canopy beds for the truly extravagant. The basic platform bed is one that is low profile and generally does not have a headboard or footboard. Learn more about Where Can I Buy A Platform Bed?

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