Partners of The Futon Shop

Below is a list of The Futon Shop's partners & vendors. Please email or call (415) 920-6800 with inquiries and/or comments. Join us today - "The World's Greenest Futons."

 Partners american

American Plastics serves a large, diverse international customer base. You'll find "the extra mile" isn't extra with American Plastics, it's the way we do business every day.

American Plastics & The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop uses recycled plastic for many of our bags for futons and futon slip covers. Our supplier American Plastic is also ISO certified and a California local manufacturer which makes for a great partnership.

 Bed Supermarket & The Futon Shop

Bed Supermarket and The Futon Shop are working together to give customers additional information about healthy sleeping options.

Bed Supermarket & The Futon Shop


Beds are one of the most important items in our lives. We are usually born in a bed and we invariably die in a bed! We get lots of pleasure from being in bed and the average person spends approximately one third of their life there.

In fact, no other major furniture item we purchase is as important to our well being as our bed. Whether rich or poor, we need to sleep.... and preferably in a bed!

Quality of sleep is vital to our health and an average of eight hours sleep will allow our bodies to re-energise for the next 16 hours of generally frenetic activity! It is therefore extremely important that we choose a bed, which can support our bodies correctly and one that can provide a comfortable, restful nights sleep.

In recent years, it has become abundantly clear to most people, that a good bed is needed to help us through our modern, busy lifestyle. Recent trends show that whilst the general public consider a bed to be a functional, long lasting item, they are now looking at bed purchases as an investment in their general health and well-being. More and more new beds are being bought and more money is being spent on getting a good nights rest. The old adage ‘you should aim to buy the best quality bed and the best quality shoes that you can afford - because if you’re not in one, then you’re in the other!!’ is as true today as it ever was!

The choice of beds could not be greater. Fashion is now coming into the bedroom, creating a market where you can choose beds in leather, wood or metal...and on the divan front you can choose from suede and leather bases, to ensure that your new bed blends in with your bedroom ambience.

There have also been lots of new, innovative developments in mattress specifications. Memory foam is now widely available with much emphasis on healthy, non-allergenic, high performance upholstery. In fact, here at Bedsupermarket, we have beds and mattresses to suit just about everyone. We work with leading UK and overseas bed manufacturers to help develop new support options with an aim to provide better quality products, whilst essentially keeping a keen eye on ‘value for money’ and improved durability.

We are constantly launching new beds and products and are usually first to market with many new specifications.

We also work closely with our raw material manufacturers to help develop new fabrics for bed production, which help with:

Air flow and temperature control

New bed spring systems, to combine comfort and long product life

Non-allergenic bed upholstery to offer a more restful nights sleep

At Bedsupermarket, we also take the best of what’s available from the medical market in terms of body support, comfort and durability, together with allergy free properties and develop all these advantages into retail beds that everyone can benefit from.

The average spend on a bed is approximately £500. Beds purchased with a value below this figure are fit for their purpose and can be very comfortable but above this price comes luxury and better, longer lasting support with superior quality upholstery materials.

If your bed is more than five years old, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do you and your partner ‘roll together’ during the night?
  • Can you sleep to the edge of your mattress without the feeling of ‘falling off the edge’?
  • Are you restless during the night?
  • Do you sometimes wake up still feeling tired?
  • Do you have feelings of pins and needles?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above then it’s time to visit Bedsupermarket and choose the bed for you. Our range will have the right bed for you at a price you can afford. Treat your body to better support and wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

When you use Bedsupermarket Sleep Consultants to help find the most suitable bed for you, give us your feedback and we’ll publish your comments so that other customers can benefit from your experience.

 Bluemoon & The Futon Shop

Blue Moon fabrics is one of the top leaders at offering the best selection of lycra, faux furs, minky, funk brocades, and many more novelty products. Our fabric is featured in Hollywood ’s top movies and many television shows and commercials. Our fabric is being used for dancewear, iceskating, fur throws, handbags, baby products, and much much more.

Bluemoon & The Futon Shop

Blue moon is our local California fabric supplier of specialty fabrics. Searching the world so you can enjoy the best quality and value fabrics for futon cover and pillows to decorate your home. Blue moon supplies high quality fabric futon covers.

 Carpenter & The Futon Shop

Carpenter Company provides supreme Polyurethane foam cushioning. Sixty plus years ago, Carpenter Co. started making polyurethane foam. Carpenter Co. manufactures a wide variety of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber comfort cushioning products to help make your world more comfortable.

Carpenter & The Futon Shop

SLEEPBETTER.ORG PUTS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS TO REST Millions of Americans spend their nights tossing and turning, hoping for a good nights' rest. Carpenter Co., the world's largest producer of comfort cushioning products, invites the sleep-deprived to experience its new educational Website, Focused on providing practical tips and insightful solutions for getting a better night's sleep.  you deserve a great nights sleep."

Deslee Textile & The Futon Shop

Deslee textile started in 1994 our own distribution network and our first office and warehouse opened in 1999 in Atlanta. Today we have a world class manufacturing production unit in Inman, South Carolina where we started as the first in the US producing organic and bamboo natural knitted mattress fabrics. We are not only known for our knitted fabrics but also are able to offer a full range of fabrics both woven and knitted. Deslee organic ticking learn more

Deslee Textile & The Futon Shop

We partner with Deslee textiles for 2 reasons: number 1 they manufacture right here in the USA and number 2 they produce the highest quality 100% certified organic and bamboo fabric ticking. Organic cotton reaches full maturity without the use of pesticides. It is becoming an ever more popular textile in the manufacture of clothing, household linen and mattress fabrics. Highly breathable and ultra strong, as well as amazingly soft, cotton also boasts excellent anti-irritation and anti-allergenic properties. Organic Cotton and the benefits of organic cotton in mattress fabrics in mattress fabrics

The demand for pure and honest materials is ever growing. This is why we at The Futon Shop has introduced organically cultivated cotton as a raw material into its extensive range of mattress fabrics. This mattress fabrics is called Organic Cotton because it is made from 100% organically grown cotton fibre.

Socially and ecologically consistent because the organic cultivation methods by no means detract from the natural qualities of cotton. This cotton is just as soft, strong and voluminous. Cotton breathes and is breathtakingly soft. One could ask that since we don’t eat or drink cotton, why make so much fuss about how it is produced? But the answer is simple: the ever more knowledgeable consumer is insisting on a more consistent approach to social responsibility and environmental management. As people see their children becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental factors, being able to raise them in clean surroundings becomes an ever more critical issue.

Sleep in fresh cotton Organic cotton is therefore very much in demand for the production of our organic mattress collections. It’s such a comfort knowing you’ll not be sleeping on pesticides.

Added value is that organic farming is environment friendly. The use of organically cultivated cotton is on the rise as never before. We know that in conventional cotton production, generally far too many pesticides are used. This is often due to the ignorance of local farmers. It is a fact that these pesticides pollute the groundwater and soil, and are dangerous to humans and animals alike.

Social benefit of organic Cotton is a mattress fabrics made from organically cultivated cotton. The fluffy cotton balls that spring from the opened seed cases of the cotton plant come to full ripeness on a ‘controlled diet’. Instead of being sprayed with traditional pesticides, they are pampered with a mixture of organic fertiliser, ground tea tree seeds and soap. The farmer no longer has to invest in fertilisers; he can source more than enough from his own land. His family is healthier, they need less medication… so organic cotton is definitely the future.

Peace of mind is that you can sleep with peace of mind on organically grown cotton. It’s the perfect way to make your contribution to a cleaner environment. Cotton’s intrinsic qualities are fully safeguarded in organic farming so that its natural softness and comfort are ensured. Organic cotton is an ideal raw material for a pure and eco-friendly product. Organic Cotton mattress fabrics fulfils all our expectations of a natural fibre. Its pureness and softness, its eco-friendliness in processing, its anti-allergenic and anti-irritation qualities, …

Ambitious and positive is that cotton accounts for about half of the world’s textile production. Organically grown cotton will undoubtedly play a leading role worldwide in tackling the negative social impact and environmental issues involved with cotton production. The demand for bio-cotton only started to show significant growth as from the year 2000. In order to underpin this trend, it is important that we increase our use of organic cotton; an opportunity for companies to join in as front runners in a promising future. Only by increasing worldwide demand, can the production of organic cotton continue to expand and have a greater impact on production capacity.

So join us and sleep organic Organic mattresses

 FirePro Inc + The Futon Shop

Fire Pro Yarn is designed to meet the strict Consumer Product Safety Standards while maintaining quality and natural fibers. Fire Pro Flex has developed a number of products to meet the needs of the Bedding & Mattress Industry. Specifically, Fire Pro Flex has a line of products to help your company meet the standards required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as of July 7, 2007. These new standards are in the Consumer Product Safety Commission's 16 CFR PART 1633/1634. Our line of high quality, durable and comfortable products meets or exceed the CPSC new standards with room to spare. The company's line of products have been tested by Intertech, in Texas, and SGS US, in Oklahoma. Fire Pro Flex does offer clients copies of the official laboratory videos showing the "open flame" product tests.

FirePro Inc + The Futon Shop

We partner with Fire Pro Yarns because we can meet strict standard by the CPCS and keep your futon mattress natural. Our fire proof sock * DuckBack Water Repellent Technology * 100% Pure Cotton with ZERO Synthetic Fibers * Tubular Knitting. Our Fire Pro Flex products are made of 100% Cotton which is known for comfort, durability, and consumer appeal and this products is Made in the USA!

 Flexible Foam & The Futon Shop

Flexible Foam has a legacy of service & quality in developing and producing soy-based foams. The company's longevity speaks well of their commitment to customers and of the quality of our products. We are very excited to develop BioFlex™ Hybrid Foams. Our family business in Ohio includes soybean crop production, and that places us in the unique position to understand the importance of developing products from renewable resources. Flexible Foam & The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop's partnership with Flexible Foam has made us the top futon mattress retailer maintaining our Eco-friendly natural lifestyle bedding since 1976. We view it as a priority for all futon mattresses and all American futon and mattress manufacturers to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, particularly foreign crude oil. Utilizing soy-based foam in all our futon mattress helps our homes stay pure the planet and all living things. We hope you share our commitment for change and support natural Eco-friendly mattresses in your homes and for your family and friends. Flexible Foam supplies the high quality BioFlex™ Hybrid Foam used in all our futon mattresses.

 Foamex & The Futon Shop

Foamex is a leading foam producer committed to Sustainable Development. Foamex has made environmental, health and safety considerations a leading priority in manufacturing existing products and for planning new products, facilities and processes. Our goal is to sustain ongoing reductions in the amount of contaminants released to air, water and land. The following examples provide an outline of the continuing efforts Foamex has initiated.

Foamex & The Futon Shop

Welcome to the “Green” world! With the growing focus on environmental-sustainability, and our unique history of environmental leadership, Reflex Natural provides yet another way in which demonstrates our commitment as a caring environmental citizen. Reflex Natural provides a uniquely-innovative offering that combines three characteristics into one high-performance solution.

First, a highly, durable comfort material containing plant based renewable, raw materials. In Reflex Natural, these natural ingredients replace significant amounts of the petroleum-based materials traditionally used in foam-making.

Next, Reflex Natural is manufactured using Foamex’s Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology, a virtually emission-free manufacturing process that creates significantly higher quality cushioning material in a wide variety of density and firmness, resulting in a product that provides consistent comfort.

Reflex Natural Foam also contains organic, halogen-free fire retardants.

 Green Gard & The Futon Shop

For over 22 years Stain Safe have been helping people protect their furniture from accidental stains; keeping it looking great. Now they have developed Green Gard a natural fabric protector and also a warranty. When they initially created our furniture protection programs, they had only our customers and their new furniture in mind. Over the years our customers have come to realize the value of our products and services. Stain Safe Limited Product Protection Programs give customers peace of mind in knowing that their furniture is protected if and when accidental staining or damage occurs. In order to keep new furniture looking great, certified technicians can often help you repair accidental damage in the comfort of your own home! When you have a Stain Safe Limited Product Protection Program, the professional help you need for your damaged furniture is just a phone call away.

Green Gard & The Futon Shop

GreenGard is an Eco-wise line of furniture care and protection products and is one of the first of its kind in the furniture industry. The notion of "green", or environmentally responsible, is becoming more and more prevalent in today's society. This is not a trend or a fad that anyone sees subsiding in the near future. Rather, numerous market research studies show that this will be an ongoing movement within our country, and going "green" will become more a way of life than a fad. So, as more Americans learn about and become concerned with environmental issues and the state of the environment, it is only sensible that products like GreenGard will soon become the standard across all industries.

When purchasing new furniture, it's wise to be proactive when it comes to protecting it from the inevitable accidents of the future. Luckily, GreenGard gives you the best of both worlds. Not only do you get eco-wise furniture cleaning and protection products in an eco-wise package, but you will also receive a GreenGard Protection Plan from Stainsafe that will help you repair accidental staining or damage (if covered under the GreenGard Protection Plan) that may occur to your furniture.

Stainsafe has a variety of GreenGard kits that include products especially designed for fabric, leather and wood furniture as well as area rugs. All of these kits will include eco-wise GreenGard cleaning and protection products that are water-based, non-carcinogenic, phosphate free and ozone friendly. All GreenGard packaging is also eco-wise. The outside packaging is made from recycled materials, all product bottles are recyclable, and even the application sponges provided in the kits are made from soy, which is a natural, renewable resource. On top of that, all of the point of sale material for Stainsafe's GreenGard line is printed on locally sourced sugar cane paper. Stainsafe has gone to great lengths to ensure that their GreenGard product truly represents what an eco-wise product in the furniture industry should be. It is a must for anyone who owns a sofa bed Green Gard Fabric protector cleaner and warranty!

Harmony Art & The Futon Shop

Harmony Art (här’m?-ne ärt)

1. the combination of art and sustainability.

2. where creativity and organic textiles evolve.

3. a harmonious arrangement of design and business inspired by nature.

1. to bring together pleasing elements, organic fiber and fair trade.

2. to help revolutionize the textile industry.

3. to merge past experience with environmental and social passions.

4. to support like-minded people and companies.

Harmony Art & The Futon Shop

We offer harmony art organic futon cover for many reasons. Why Harmony Art Organic Cotton? Seed Preparation: Natural untreated GMO free seeds. Healthy soil through crop rotation. Retains moisture in soil from increased organic matter. Healthy soil creates natural balance. Beneficial insects and trap crops used. Natural defoliation from freezing temperatures or through the use of water management. Safe peroxide is used. Soft Scour in warm water with soda ash for a PH of 7.5-8. Low-impact fiber-reactive or natural dyes with low metal and sulfur content. Low-impact, water-based inks and/or pigments with no heavy metals. Social criteria in place to ensure safe, healthy, non-abusive, nondiscriminatory environment with living wages. Positive story can be told to differentiate you from everyone else. Initial cost more expensive. Long term advantages of organic fabrics is priceless. If that is not enough check out some of her fabrics we have made into beautiful futon covers and pillows Organic Futon Covers or Outdoor Futon Covers. Request more of her fabrics from her site by name, and we will try to stock them.

 Hickory Springs & The Futon Shop

Hickory Springs - First Bio-based Foam, Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company, producer of flexible polyurethane foam for the furniture, bedding and other industries, today announced the introduction of a breakthrough foam product that will mean far less reliance worldwide on the need for non-renewable petrochemical resources in foam manufacture.

Hickory Springs & The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop wanted to partner with the innovator of the First Bio-based Foam.

 Homelegance & The Futon Shop

Golden Home Elegance was established in Malaysia in the year 2001. As a member of Homelegance Group, incorporated in the United States of America, they operate more than 15 furniture warehouses across the North America, as well as in the Asia Pacific Region i.e. Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Philippines, where we commit to provide one of the finest furniture brands in the industry.

Homelegance & The Futon Shop

We wholesale our natural green recycled blended cotton and soy-based foam futon mattresses to Homelegance for use with their daybeds and futon sofa bed frames. Homelegance is earned itself a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of quality furniture, so we are proud than when they looked for a mattress company of superior performance they chose The Futon Shop.

 J.N. Zippers & The Futon Shop

J.N. Zippers & Supplies Corporation is a zipper and pull manufacturer located in our state of California in South San Francisco, CA. They have been supplying and serving customers with a complete line of high quality trims and zippers for strong construction of upholstering sofa's since 1990.

J.N. Zippers & The Futon Shop

We manufacture each folding foam bed and yoga proppillow and futon covers, by hand right here in our factory in San Francisco. We can offer lifetime warranties on these covers and pillows because of the strength of the zipper we purchase from J.N. Zipper company.

 Keese International & The
            Futon Shop

Keese international is an Outstanding U.S. sheep industry member and was honored for his contributions to the industry at an award luncheon held Jan. 26, 2007, at the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI)/National Lamb Feeders Association Convention in San Antonio, Texas. ASI honored two members of the U.S. wool industry with the first-ever American Wool Excellence Award. This award was created to honor those who have tirelessly served and have made a significant impact on the U.S. wool industry. Those receiving this award were Leroy Keese of Brady, Texas, and Wylie McDonald of San Angelo, Texas, two wool buyers. Keese is credited with buying more than 200 million pounds of wool and mohair during his 35-year career with Forte Dupee Sawyer Co. ASI is a national organization supported by 44 state sheep associations, benefiting the interests of nearly 68,000 sheep producers. Mr. Keese expertise in the American wool industry helps us secure the top quality wool for our futon beds.

Keese International & The Futon Shop

We have partnered with Keese locally farmed wool from Brady Texas because we want to support the US farmer and not new Zealand or Australia where many bedding manufacturers buy wool from. Wool has filled our lives with comfort and warmth for thousands of years. Today the bedroom is much more than a place for sleeping. It is a quiet haven. A retreat from the stresses of day to day life. When we are surrounded by the natural luxury of pure new wool, its remarkable strength and softness give strong feelings of safety and security. Wool provides us with a personal environment that is health-enhancing because it is a natural fiber. Wool disperses moisture from our skin, provides even warmth and body temperature, resists flame and static electricity and helps to reduce the stressful noise levels that surround us every day. And yet, while we have been living with the qualities of wool throughout the ages, wool is also a fiber for the future. Regardless of the advances mankind makes in the creation of new synthetics, technology will never recreate the comfort, strength, softness and security only wool can offer. You will love our warm and cozy Essence Mattress Collection which you can have with or without Latex. Why put wool into your bed try our Back Care Plus!

 L.A. Fiber & The Futon Shop

L.A. Fiber - Saving Our Planet One Square Yard At A Time. Established in 1983 by Stan & Ronald Greitzer, Los Angeles Fiber quickly became the largest recycler of textile materials on the West Coast. If the Pasadena Rose Bowl was a land fill, Los Angeles Fiber diverts enough material to fill three Rose Bowls in one year.

L.A. Fiber & The Futon Shop

We care about the planet and we know we can make a difference. We use recycled cotton products in some of our wholesale futon mattresses (always labeled as such, see product description for each individual mattress for details) and special orders an custom work. Please contact us at if you are interested in these products.

 Latex International & The
            Futon Shop

Founded over 30 years ago, Latex International (LI) is the only US-based Talalay latex foam producer and largest supplier of latex mattress components and pillows in North America. LI’s Talatech® brand latex foam is the highest quality, most resilient and consistent latex foam in the world. Latex international is a member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and The Better Sleep Council.

Latex International & The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop has partnered with Latex International because of the chemical free natural of their pure Talalay latex rubber that we use in our futons Natural Plus Mattress and Heaven Mattress  to keep your beds and homes chemical free pure and natural.


Talatech® Latex – Nature’s Nighttime Inspiration Talatech® latex, the sleep product industry’s highest quality, most consistent, breathable and resilient comfort material available in the world, is a natural, environmentally friendly product for mattresses and pillows. Latex International’s mattress components and pillow products feature Talatech® latex which is produced using the eco-friendly Talalay process. 

* The Talalay process features natural, biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable resources and water-based raw materials: natural latex, air and water.

* Natural latex is actually a rubber-based material that comes from the tropical hevea brasiliensis tree which is harvested to produce a resilient, cushioning foam that instantly conforms to every body contour for optimal comfort and support.

* Air is infused into the latex compound to create latex foam’s open cell structure that provides a cooler sleep surface.

* Latex International washes every mattress core using a 5 stage washer to ensure purity.

Conservation Conscious

* Energy: Our factory manufacturing automation allows us to optimize energy usage for the molding stage (freezing and baking portion) of the Talalay process. The factory also features energy efficient lighting. 

* Water: LI has engineered its multi-stage washer to minimize the amount of water consumed. 

Certified Healthy

* LI’s process does NOT use solvents. It does NOT damage the ozone layer. We do not have to use scrubbers or external filtration as we do not emit harmful elements into the air. In fact, Latex International’s Talalay latex is certified by Oeko-Tex (Europe’s highest environmental consumer product standard) to be free of harmful substances or chemicals.Talalay Latex Mattresses

 Leggett and Platt & The Futon

Leggett & Platt is a diversified manufacturer that conceives, designs and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products for customers worldwide. While Leggett & Platt may not be a familiar name to you, chances are you sleep on a bed made with Leggett components - box spring, innerspring, fiber comfort layers; relax in a recliner that has an L&P motion mechanism powering it; shop in stores that have products displayed on shelving made by L&P - in short, Leggett products are all around you, making the products you use every day more comfortable, durable and life-enhancing.

Leggett and Platt & The Futon Shop

High Quality, American Made Springs are used in all our inner spring futon mattresses. At The Futon Shop, we get all our springs from Leggett and Platt International, an American manufacturer. They make our springs out of high quality wire to exacting specifications that are 50% more demanding than industry standards, but which our customers have come to expect from The Futon Shop. If you know about The Futon Shop's drive to preserve the planet, it should come as no surprise to you that we have gone out of our way to find an American manufacturer; lowering our environmental impact via easier transportation, and supporting a company that adds 24,000 jobs to the American economy.

We specialize in several brands the Bonnel Everflex Springs is Our top quality steel, hourglass shaped coils laid out in sheets that provide the perfect combination of bounce and flexibility for bifold and loveseat futon frames. Made out of high quality steel and tested to rigorous standards, we at The Futon Shop can happily compare our Bonnel Springs to any others on the market. Try our Stratus Innerspring Futon Mattress, or our Relaxer Plus Innerspring Futon Mattress We also utilize the Marshall Coil also called "pocket coils", each spring is encased in a highly durable fabric encasement. The steel is highly tempered, for a strength and spring that's hard to find in conventional spring mattresses. The pocket structure also helps each spring move independently to minimize weight transfer movement. We use a 3 inch coil in our Support Plus Innerspring Futon Mattress and our Organic Natural Innerspring Futon Mattress and our Organic Natural Plus Innerspring Futon Mattress , our super soft soy-based Relaxer Innerspring Futon Mattress We also use a 6 in Marshall coil in our Support Max Innerspring Futon Mattress.

 Leigh Fibers & The Futon Shop

Leigh Fibers, one of the world’s leading processors of recycled "GREEN" textile waste and fiber by-products, as well as first quality American grown staple and organic cotton. Leigh fiber works directly with American cotton farmer and American Cotton Coops and Cotton Gins. Founded in Boston in 1922, Leigh was an affiliate of a well known British cotton company, John Leigh, Ltd. In 1948, the owners of Leigh Textile Company started a new, separate company, Leigh Textile, Ltd., in Montreal, Quebec, and this company is a leading processor and merchant in staple and organic fibers. As the US textile industry moved to the South, Leigh closed its New England plants and opened a state-of-the-art reprocessing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This plant opened in 1961 and has continued to grow and stay current with modern technology. Today, it is the largest textile waste and by-product reprocessing company in North America. Leigh’s quality and consistency has earned it the reputation of being the best supplier in the eyes of its customers. During 1998, Leigh Fibers was awarded membership in ATMI's "Quest For The Best" safety and health program and South Carolina's elite "Environmental Excellence Program" for their continuing commitment to improving workplace safety and preserving our environment. Leigh’s vision is to be the preferred supplier and customer of fibers and a great place to work.

Leigh Fibers & The Futon Shop

We at The Futon Shop have been working with Leigh fibers since the late 1990's when we implemented our our Cotton ginning garnet machine to make our quality futon mattresses.We use cotton for many reason besides the fact the mattresses have been made of cotton for thousands of years. Cotton takes sunlight and converts it directly to a fiber without intermediate processing steps. Unlike petroleum-based fibers, cotton is energy self-sustaining, and does not contribute to net greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton has the potential to be energy self-sustaining, even energy generating , in addition to being energy positive, cotton fiber is over 40% carbon, thus actually reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Why U.S. Cotton? Cotton is a natural, renewable, biodegradable and sustainable fiber. To ensure that the population can continue to reap cotton’s natural benefits, today and in the future, the U.S. cotton industry is committed to the sustainable production of cotton, including utilizing new technology that positively impacts cotton’s environmental footprint. The U.S. cotton industry supports sustainability and the goal of environmental, economic, health and social responsibility for production agriculture. * We utilize long fiber Egyptian staple cotton grown in the western United States.

Why Organic Cotton?

* Organic farming is a healthier, more sustainable way of producing vegetables and fibers.

* Organic methods focus on soil health, replenishing soil fertility, promote bio diversity, and protect our air, water, soils and wildlife from toxic chemicals. Organic farming is also a powerful tool in the fight against global warming. It reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and stores carbon in the soil, where it boosts soil fertility instead of releasing it to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Organic farming just makes sense—for people and for the planet. We use cotton is just about every futon we manufacture, because when properly used in a futon mattress the comfort and natural qualities make it ideal for every night sleeping. Organic Cotton: The world's healthiest and most comfortable futon mattresses

 LifeStyle Solutions & The
            Futon Shop

Founded in 1989, Lifestyle Solutions is one of the fastest growing young furniture companies in the United States. Since the launch of their signature sofa bed convertible in 1990, their patented Cradle Converter® and patented Vise-Protection System® have been widely adopted as the industry standard. Their ultimate goal is to create timeless furniture that will enhance your customers' lifestyle today and for many years to come. From sofa beds to platform beds to the highest quality bedroom furniture available lifestyle solutions does it all.

LifeStyle Solutions & The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop have been working with Lifestyle Solutions since 1989. This demonstrates their Legacy of Service and Quality and the company's longevity speaks well of the commitment to all of our customers and of the quality of our products. From most of our hardwood sofa beds futon frames to many of our quality matching coffee and end table living room furniture tables. to fabulously comfortable casual convertibles  red sofa beds , gold sofa bedswhite sofa beds, bedroom suites bedroom furniture.we could go on forever! Lifestyle Solutions is a company we can count on and so can you!

 Lin Oriental Imports & The
            Futon Shop

Lins Oriental imports had been importing Shoji screens for close to 30 years. In traditional Japanese architecture, a Shoji is a room divider or door consisting of translucent Washi paper over a wooden frame. They are used in traditional houses as well as Western-style housing, especially in the Washitsu (Japanese-style room), and are now regarded in Japan as a necessity in looking Japanese.

Lin Oriental Imports The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop has been offering traditional Shoji (room dividers) screens since the beginning.

 Leigh Fibers The Futon Shop

Morgan Fabricsis one of the America's leading fabric converters and has operating in California for over 1/2 a century. There upholstery weight fabrics are ideal for our futon slip covers, folding foam beds and pillows.

Morgan Fabrics & The Futon Shop

Morgan Fabric is our local California fabric supplier of specialty fabrics. Searching the world so you can enjoy the best quality and value fabrics for futon cover and pillows to decorate your home.

Chenille & Tapestry Futon Covers: Geometric and abstract thick and cozy stain resistant chenille futon covers and pillow-cases in all sizes. Want to express your personality try these beautiful chenille pattern futon slip covers. From bright and cheerful to subtle and subdued earth-tones we have a look you will love. Have fun with adding coordinating pillows in 4 fabulous sizes from large 20 inch square pillows to round arm bolster styles we have just the right pillowcase to add your personal touch to your new sofa bed. Just click on the futon mattress cover of your choice and you will find matching or complimentary pillow suggestions to complete your look. If you want a square linear look to your futon just add piping. You may use a coordinating fabric or the same fabric to match your futon cover to a piping, for thousands of stylistic possibilities. Only your imagination is the limit of our options! Morgan fabrics supplies high quality fabric futon covers

.  National Holistic Institute

One of the most respected schools of massage therapy in the world, the National Holistic Institute has been teaching massage therapy since 1979. We have always been recognized as a leader in the field. Our founder won several awards and recognitions from the oldest organization of massage therapists.

National Holistic Institute

One of the most respected schools of massage therapy in the world, the National Holistic Institute has been teaching massage therapy since 1979. We have always been recognized as a leader in the field. Our founder won several awards and recognitions from the oldest organization of massage therapists

 Night and Day & The Futon Shop

Night and Day furniture is distributed to us through Pacific Manufacturing here in California. Their Spices Bedroom Collection is a rich group of Beds, Case Goods and Accessories that brings with it a few delightful tangy twists. From a choice of knobs (wood and metal) packed with every dresser, to our patented Folding Footboard Bench, you can shape and style any bedroom to suit your needs and taste.

Night and Day & The Futon Shop

Night and Day and The Futon Shop work together through Pacific Manufacturing as we support our local businesses our state of California. Pacific Manufacturing and the futon shop go back several decades working together to bring the highest quality futon frames and platform beds for you. One example of some of their terrific products we carry is the fabulous captain beds simple captain's bed available in 5 beautiful finishes, new sleigh captains bed available in 5 beautiful finishesnew shaker captains bed available in 5 beautiful finishesjust to name a few.

 Pacific Manufacturing & The
            Futon Shop

Since 1969, Pacific Manufacturing & Distributing has been the consistent source for innovative furniture, a solid supplier in the ever-changing world of furniture, always focused on Quality, Innovation and Value. Pacific manufacturing is a key distributor of night and day furniture.

Pacific Manufacturing & The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop continues to support our local businesses our state of California. Pacific Manufacturing and the futon shop go back several decades working together to bring the highest quality futon frames and platform beds for you. example of some of there terrific products are our captain beds simple captain's bed available in 5 beautiful finishesnew sleigh captains bed available in 5 beautiful finishesnew shaker captains bed available in 5 beautiful finishesjust to name a few. check out our platform and captains beds.

 Ramtex inc & The Futon Shop

Ramtex fabrics is one of the California leading fabric converters and importers. Their poly/cotton and polyester light weight washable fabrics are ideal for our futon slip covers, folding foam beds and pillows. Polyester futon cover, no ironing needed. Crimplene is a thick, polyester yarn used to make a our polyester futon covers. These futon covers are wrinkle-resistant and retains its shape with 'wash-and-wear' properties. Crimplene was brought to contemporary fame by Mike Meyers from the movie Austin Powers. Add color & style to your living space. Achieve any look you want. Create it today! Our washable easy care futon covers and pillows.

Ramtex inc & The Futon Shop

Washable Poly/Cotton Futon Covers: Simple and easy! Washable poly/cotton futon mattress covers and pillows in all colors, shapes & sizes.

Light weight and so easy to care for, these polyester washable futon mattress covers and pillows come in all sizes. Polyester fabrics are light weight and machine washable, no ironing needed. Cotton covers are naturally soft and comforting, blending with polyester gives a hassle free futon cover with a longer life. The futon slip cover is what gives your futon personality. Have fun with adding coordinating pillows in 4 fabulous sizes from large 20 inch square pillows to round arm bolster styles we have just the right pillowcase to add your personal touch to your new sofa bed. Just click on the futon mattress cover of your choice and you will find matching or complimentary pillow suggestions to complete your look. If you want a square linear look to your futon just add piping. You may use a coordinating fabric or the same fabric to match your futon cover to a piping, for thousands of stylistic possibilities. Only your imagination is the limit of our options!

• Every Futon Cover and Pillow-case is manufactured in our San Francisco factory. • Every Futon Cover is made to order; all fabric in stock. • Custom orders welcome, we make special sizes and shapes for cushions and futon sofa beds or bay window seats, boats and RV’s. Our washable easy care futon covers and pillows. or our wonderful portable folding foam beds.

 Sleep & Beyond + The Futon Shop

Sleep & Beyond™, Your Home for Organic Merino Wool Bedding™, is a family run one of the few worldwide manufacturers of luxurious USDA certified organic merino wool bedding from beautiful Kyrgyz Republic, “The Switzerland of Central Asia!”

Sleep & Beyond + The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop wanted to partner with the purest wool manufacturer in world. futon slip covers. Sleep & Beyond strives for excellence in customer service, product quality and consistency. They are active members of Organic Trade Association, Co-op America, Better Business Bureau and IFOAM, an International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. 

 Sleepcomp & The Futon Shop

Sleep Comp imports all it's Dunlap naturalux 100% chemical free latex from Sri Lanka. This rubber industry began way back in 1876 with the planting of rubber trees while took place in Henerathgoda. While the latex coming out from the rubber tree is used in the manufacture of various rubber products, even the timber is used, in treated form for producing furniture and other timber based products. The rubber industry generates employment to a vast number of people mainly from rural areas, where the estates are. Starting from the tapping of latex to, the manufacture of semi-finished or semi-processed latex rubber. Made of 100% Natural Latex Rubber with no artificial additives to dilute its quality. This "Eco Friendly" product is naturally hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, and will not support mildew or bacteria. Available in both a traditional pin-core design, or with an innovative "5 Zone" pin-core design for added comfort and lumbar support. Manufactured by a plant that is ISO 9001 certified which is the mark of excellence and consistency in any industry.

Sleepcomp & The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop makes many of our specialty quality all natural futon mattress using this Dunlop chemical free latex. What makes these futon mattresses so special? Natural latex is extracted from the tropical rubber tree in a way that is similar to tapping a maple tree for syrup. Made of 100% Natural Latex Rubber with no artificial additives to dilute its quality. Wool adds a special loft and comfort to your futon mattress, wicks away moisture for long life and a natural springy comfort. Our Dunlap natural latex futon mattress offer extra-firm support while our Talalay natural latex futon Mattresses the perfect balance of comfort and support so you can enjoy deep, sound sleep night after night. Latex instantaneously conforms to the shape of your body, gently supporting and comforting you all night long, with up to 33% more pressure relief than other foam bedding. So you can awaken refreshed and rejuvenated to meet the challenges of the day—without the tossing and turning, without the pain and stiffness that disrupt a good night’s sleep—with restored energy and enthusiasm. Our latex mattresses eliminates pinches and pains that interrupt a good night’s sleep. It reduces high pressure areas that shut off capillary blood flow and cause a person to toss and turn. Our latex futon mattresses alleviate pressure to bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles to provide a deeper, more restful sleep We ship throughout the United States and can generally get your futon mattress or futon sofa bed on its way to you within 48 hours. For those looking for extra savings, we offer a number of complete sofa bed sets with shipping included. If you are shopping within California The Futon Shop has eleven stores offering immediate pick-up or same day delivery and they are the best place to experience the difference between each natural and affordable latex futon mattress and our other natural wool futon mattresses. check out our Latex Futon Mattress collection.

 Strata Furniture & The Futon

Strata Furniture’s patented designed Wall Huggers use top grade quality wood throughout the entire frame. From the Sustainable Plantation Wood in the arms to the wood in the slats of the body. This ensures a well built durable product not only on visible parts but on your entire piece of furniture. The wood is Malaysian Hardwood (rubber wood) grown using Sustainable Forest Management to provide you with the best quality product and also care for our environment. As wood is a natural material, your piece of furniture may have variations in the texture and color as compared to the floor sample, pictures or wood samples. This variation adds to the uniqueness and style of your product.

Strata Furniture & The Futon Shop

Our partner’s at Strata Furniture have allowed us to provide you with a high quality, fashionable product made from sustainable Malaysian hardwoods. What makes a Wall hugger? A wall-hugger is a type of futon frame that does not require the frame to be moved away from the wall in order to convert the frame. Another name is zero tolerance futon.This makes the futon sofa significantly easier to convert into a bed, as the frame and mattress together can sometimes weigh over 300 pounds. Strata’s patented front loading mechanism makes converting a futon quick & easy for one person to accomplish with zero wear and tear on your floor and walls. Strata Furniture is the only futon frame company that makes a true wall-hugger zero tolerance futon. Place the frame next to the wall and the front loading mechanism allows you to convert the frame from sofa to bed quickly and easily, combining the versatility of a futon with an ease of use that will improve your quality of life.

Check out some of our fabulous beautiful wall huggers Strata Furniture Mission futon frameStrata Furniture Fremont or Milano futon frame, or view our entire line of full queen and love seat wall hugging futon frames.

 Uline & The Futon Shop

Uline uses these environmentally-friendly products for our shipping boxes and we all help reduce our impact on our environment.

Uline & The Futon Shop

We partner with Uline for our shipping needs because we ship close to 1500 futons every month to customer in the United States. That's a lot of boxes so we make sure we can make a difference to our planet. BOXES AND PADS: Liner – 20-30% recycled content, Flute – 100% recycled content, Recyclable; EDGE PROTECTORS: 100% post-consumer recycled paper glued together; BOGUS PAPER: 100% recycled content, Recyclable; BUBBLE: Minimum 20% recycled plastic, Minimum 10% post-consumer content, recyclable, not biodegradable; CORRUGATED WRAP: 100% recycled content, Recyclable paper.

Yoga Props & The Futon Shop

Yoga Props is another company started here in San Francisco that we have been partnered with as the manufacturer of their yoga mats and props for a long time. We'll let them describe themselves: "At the risk of shocking you, we want to state that making money means less to us than making the world a better place through the practice of yoga and honorable business dealings. We've enjoyed the support of loyal customers for TWENTY-FOUR YEARS because we care more about ethics than profit. As you might infer from the foregoing...normal we're not! " Kay & Ruth, Co-Owners

Yoga Props & The Futon Shop

Visit their website at or just check out the selection of yoga mats and props on our website. Yoga Accessories designed by Yoga experts!

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