Are There No-Flip Mattresses?

Are There No-Flip Mattresses?

Benefits of a Non-Flip Mattress or Futon

Mattresses as well as futons can be heavy and hard to manage. Rotating them can be a chore, but flipping them can be nightmare. This has led to the creation of the non-flip mattress. No-flip mattresses have sufficient material inside the mattress to maintain the mattress shape and feel, while offering a consistent surface that will last for the life of the mattress or futon without having to be flipped. They will still need to be rotated however.

What Makes a Non-Flip Mattress

In order to keep a mattress from dipping comfortable without flipping requires a durable core. The most widespread material is the innerspring. These can be either continuous coil or pocket coil. Heavier gauges and higher coil counts help. More recently, latex and coconut coir have been introduced as the primary core material. The durability and feel of these materials creates a superior core to that of innersprings. There are mattresses listed as non-flip that contain polyurethane foams, gels and memory foams as their core element, but they simply do not hold up to that of either innerspring or latex cores. Some manufactures have even developed completely natural, chemical-free and organic options with no flip mattresses and futons. Even if you own, or are planning on purchasing a non-flip mattress, you still should be mindful of rotating it from head to toe monthly to ensure even distribution of weight for long comfort and life of your mattress or futon.

The days of flipping your mattress are slowly coming to an end, thanks to new technology and innovation in mattress construction. Check out this great list of no flip mattresses.

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