Do Crib Mattresses Contain Flame Retardants?

Do Crib Mattresses Contain Flame Retardants?

Mattress & Crib Recalls

You would think that manufacturers would follow standards and laws accordingly, but large manufacturers are constantly trying to find new ways to cut the cost and save a penny here or there on every product they produce. This leads to dozens of bedroom products put on recall lists every year plus thousands of mattresses and cribs put into recall every month. Thousands of cribs are recalled every season for one reason in particular, fire safety standards. Many manufacturers choose less expensive chemical flame retardants to pass federal safety standards.  A more natural solution is available, however, it is more expensive. This solution is wool. 

Do Crib Mattresses Contain Flame Retardants?

Choosing wool as a natural fire barrier not only enables crib mattresses to pass federal safety guidelines, but studies show that the quality of sleep is significantly improved when sleeping on wool. There is no reason not to buy a wool crib mattress over a cotton one! Since wool cribs from The Futon Shop are made by hand with natural ingredients and not mass produced you don’t have to worry about recalls and you can be sure there are zero chemicals in your crib. Not only do we guarantee such a product, but we also customize bedrooms every day with informed customers looking to get chemical free sleep without a premium price.

Why New Mom’s Love Wool

Do Crib Mattresses Contain Flame Retardants?

The unique temperature control, moisture wicking, and natural support it provides, work together to induce relaxation for the sleeper. Wool and coconut coir cribs are completely chemical free and perfect for the balance of firm support and chemical free durability they provide growing infants. New Moms love wool, not just for the easy care this self cleaning fiber provides, but for the health benefits their growing newborn experiences.

Choosing a chemical free wool sleeping surface, over a potentially toxic, chemically treated surface, just makes sense. Research has shown that wool cribs help infants cry less, sleep more settled, and most importantly, develop less health issues when compared to cotton or polyester fiber crib mattresses

Wool, A Zero Risk Fire Retardant

Wool is comfortable, renewable, safe, and naturally chemical free. Adding wool as the fire barrier eliminates the risk of bringing an unhealthy, potentially toxic mattress or crib into your home. 

At The Futon Shop, our chemical free line of mattresses and cribs are completely free of chemical flame retardants. Further, the Certipur-US Certified Foam we use is also completely free of flame retardants.  We suggest our Organic Latex Wool Mattress Firm with wool to avoid PBDE's from foam or our Back Care Plus Natural Wool Futon Mattress with wool and eco friendly vegetable base foam for a product with less petrochemicals. See our collection of premium wool mattresses sold at the best price!

All of our mattresses can be made with wool to ensure chemical free sleep, but still adheres to federal fire safety standards. See our collection of Wool Mattresses right here for chemical free fire safety compliance you can rely on that each come with their own core of fire retardant free material according to your comfort level. Sleep on one of our chemical free wool mattresses and see what zero risk feels like.


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