Established in 1973, by Don and Ruth Carr, Carr Textile is a converter, importer, distributor and wholesaler of Cottons, Polyesters, and Blended fabrics. Their in Stock Programs consist of various constructions of fabric including Organic Cotton Twills, Chino, Bull Denim, Canvas, Hopsack, Poplin, Sheeting, Printcloth, Osnaburg, Buckram, etc. These fabrics are dyed and finished to their specifications and colors. Their fabric is used by a wide assortment of manufacturers in Caps, Apparel, Aprons, Bags, Outerwear, Emblems, Industrial, Automotive, etc. Carr Textile is headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, U.S.A., a suburb of St. Louis where they operate a 100,000 sq ft manufacturing and distribution facility in Chaffee, Missouri, with the capabilities of re-rolling, biasing, slitting, die cutting, sewing, and plastic extrusion.

In addition to Chaffee, MO, they stock more than 3 million yards of fabric in more than 12 warehouse shipping points in the United States and abroad. In addition to their stock programs, they can do special dye lots to meet specifications for color, hand, or finish. Their finish capabilities include: sanding, brushing, napping, sanforizing, DWR (durable water repellent), CRF (crease resistant finish), soil out, calendaring, washing, tumbling, silicone, etc. Their dyeing capabilities include Range Dyeing for large dye lots with fiber reactive, vat, napthol, sulfer and disperse dye stuffs; Jig dyeing for small dye lots of 100% cottons with direct stuffs; Beam Dyeing for small lots on poly/cotton blends; Jet Dying for 100% polyester and Wool blend products. Printing Capabilities include eight color printing with no minimums. Their in-house lab has the capability to perform a variety of tests on fabric to evaluate performance characteristics such as Theyt & Dry Crocking, Perspiration, Light fastness, Tensile Strength, Stretch, Shrinkage, weight, and Construction Analysis. Carr Textile offers a full line of embroidery backings which includes Tearaways, Cutaways, Fusibles, Wovens, and Water-Soluble. Their die cutting and slitting equipment allow us to offer these products pre-cut shapes or slit to width.

Carr Textile also offers biasing and slitting service for material. Carr Textile is a leading supplier of cap components to the cap and headwear trade. Their customers look to us for style, creativity and color direction. They expect us to keep on top of fashion trends for the headwear industry. Cap components include: visor boards, bindings, sweatbands, size strips, fabric backstraps, leather straps, plastic snap tabs, stayfronts, and front stiffeners. The company is now owned and operated by the second generation: Mike Carr and Steve Carr. In 1999, Carr Textile acquired the Head-Quarters business unit from Western Textile Products to further enhance their product offerings which included in-house plastic extrusion of visor boards and the patented Fabstrap.

In 2007, Carr Textile acquired Saxon Textile which added a number of new stock fabric programs and capabilities to their line such as SaxTwill, Gangster Stripe, SaxPop, Tudor, Sax-A-Pel, and others. In 2009, Carr Textile worked with Russell Fabrics when the company closed weaving operations. Carr Textile acquired all inventory from Russell Fabrics and coordinated a transition of business from Russell Fabrics to Carr. Carr Textile continues to offer Russell Fabric programs in Pin Cord, Junior Cord, Seersucker, Oxford, and School Plaids.


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Organic Cotton Futon and Pillow Covers: Organic Cotton Twills

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