Beating Cancer - How To Eliminate Toxins From Your Life?

Beating Cancer - How To Eliminate Toxins From Your Life?

Beating Cancer - How To Eliminate Toxins From Your Life?

My mom and I moved to San Francisco when I was very young. The big lights and fast pace were new to me and I quickly had to be accumulated to this new life. Moving here from a farm where I grew up was big culture shock. Having lot’s of room and being outdoors was now replaced by tight quarters and concrete slabs. Being so young I don’t think I understood the difference between the two environments. It was a I was there and now I am here kind of thing.

Shortly after moving to San Francisco my mom was diagnosed with cancer. The normal way to say that to people is afterward to pause and wait for a sad response and I think that is appropriate. But my mom wouldn’t take that sitting down she lifted her head high and proclaimed that she would beat it no matter what.

So how does one do that? Time to get to work. A good portion of the time in my life and the people around me has been researching this specific task. I have learned that everyone has cancer cells in their body. So why does one person get diagnosed with cancer over another? Well this is because the root cause of cancer is a weak immune system, this is what allows the cancer cells to take over.

What causes the immune system to become weak?


Toxins can be poisons produced by your own body’s processes, or those occurring in nature or obtained from manmade sources. Thus toxicity can occur on two levels, external and internal. Internally the body is designed to detoxify itself, however when external sources of toxicity are added to the mix the normal detoxification process becomes overwhelmed.

Since learning these facts my mom and I have changed our lives. We have tried a variety of different diets including being macrobiotic, vegan and ayurvedic. Eventually settling on a diet free of red meat, dairy, sugar, fried foods and gluten. Sugar is limited to a small amount per day. The water we drink is structured and has been purified. The air we breathe is filtered and free of any chemicals.

But this has only protected us from the internal toxins, what about the external toxins?

Time for more research. This was tough to figure out because it seems like everything is made with toxins. Each week approximately 6,000 new chemicals are listed in the Chemical Society’s Chemical Abstracts, which adds up to over 300,000 new chemicals each year.

So what to do? I currently live in Bay Area, California so being completely chemical free is not an option for me. So my mom and I figured we would try to at least make our living space as chemical free as we can since we spend the majority of our time there. We wanted to replace our mattresses first for the same reason that sleeping is where we will be spending the majority of our time when at home.

The First step was to get rid of all of our old furniture that was filled with chemicals. We found a great hauling / recycling company on Yelp called Callihaul. They had a perfect yelp rating and when I called the owner he was more than happy to come remove all my old furniture to make room for new chemical free furniture.

Then the search began to decide which mattress to purchase. That is when we found this page on the Breast Cancer Fund Website. From what we discovered most mattresses even though they are listed as chemical free are really not. When researching each ingredient you will find that if it was not produced in america under organic standards that some chemical was probably used in its production. As well, all mattresses are required to have some type of fire retardant. These are the worst mattress toxins.

After researching The Futon Shop we found that the chemical free mattresses that they offer are not only made in the United States under organic standards but they don’t have to use chemical fire retardants. WOW. How is this possible? Well they use all natural virgin wool as their fire retardant and they have been vetted by the Breast Cancer Fund and other similar standards that they have listed on their website. My mind was blown.

They had a store near us so we went there where we happened to meet the owner Suzanne Diamond. She talked our ear off about everything chemical free, we came out of there with so much great information. We went home did our due diligence to research her company as well as her competitors (at this point we are accustomed to research) and we ended up purchasing a few products from her including my current mattress. My mom also purchased 2 mattresses.

Since going chemical free internally and externally my mom’s cancer has gone into remission for over 10 years now. I would say I am blessed to have this happen but I truly believe it was our due diligence that saved the day. I am just happy that we are at a point in the evolution of science to be able to have access to great information that can help to save the day. As well as great companies like Callihaul, Breast Cancer Fund and The Futon Shop that take the time to do this research and offer us (the consumers) informed service and chemical free products.

The Futon Shop contributes to the study of defeating cancer by donating 1% of their sales of chemical free products to The Breast Cancer Fund.

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Beating Cancer - How To Eliminate Toxins From Your Life?

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