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Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant

Thursday, May 19, 2016 10:35:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant

Wool - The Natural Fire Retardant

Wool, Safe For Your Home & Your Family


Why Doctor's Recomend Wool

An antimony is a semi metallic chemical element commonly used in the manufacturing of household consumer products. Prolonged exposure to agents that contain antimony has proven to be harmful and sometimes even fatal for some groups of animals. These substances have been proven to cause adverse health risks across the board including respiratory issues, skin irritation, and even cancer for some mammals. Doctor's recomend natural products for the harm you avoid, this makes wool a perfect choice for bedroom products for their ability to follow the federal recomended guidelines. Even a Chemical Free Wool Mattress Topper can save you from years of exposure to harmful toxins present in a recently purchased mattress.



The Federal Standards For Fire Safety

“California TB 117-2013 eliminates the open flame test for upholstery components including filling materials, such as flexible polyurethane foam, and revises the smolder resistance requirements. The standard covers upholstery cover fabrics and filling materials and tests the interaction of the materials that go into a piece of upholstered furniture.” Wool is one of the most natural fibers available that passes TB117, as it naturally smolders flames without the use of chemical flame retardants.


Correlative studies have shown chemical flame retardants are potentially harmful and environments containing these chemicals show increases in cases of cancer, respiratory disease. The use of untreated wool helps to remove some of these toxic agents used in manufacturing home products and furniture.



See our collection of Wool Mattresses right here for chemical free fire safety compliance you can rely on!


How To Verify You Are Buying Chemical Free, Not Chemically Treated Organic Products

When purchasing wool products, it is important to check if the manufacturer certifies the quality of their wool. The wool industry does offer organic wool, however, this can be pricey. To grow organic wool, Wool farmers are required to raise the sheep on organic feed from the 3rd month of gestation.


Although wool may be free of chemical flame retardants, there are other chemical treatments that wool may undergo. These include bleaching, Carbonizing (washing with strong acid), and chemical crimping. Be sure to ask for the source of the wool in addition to how the wool is processed.


Finding A Source You Can Trust

Wool producing countries include, China, Australia, Russia, Argentina, America and India. Though China is the largest producer and buyer of wool, Australia dominates the world wool market, with the United States accounting for less than 1 percent of the world's wool production. In the U.S., the top states for wool products are California, Colorado, and Wyoming. In the United States, large producers of wool usually sell their wool to warehouses or directly to wool mills.


Small producers often sell their wool (raw) through wool pools. So what are the potential benefits from doing your research and verifying absolutely that the manufacturer you buy from is selling chemical free wool bedding products that are proven to be free of chemicals by third parties? The answer is that you will be avoiding bleached, dyed, and synthetic wool fillings that may also cause respiratory issues and skin sensitivities linked to the same toxins commonly used as a fire retardant in furniture and mattresses!


Certifications & Information

Why You Can Depend on The Futon Shop

As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council The Futon Shop is committed to a better future through sustainable practices of manufacturing.Finding absolutely chemical free wool bedding products can be difficult to find as well as expensive. With over 40 years of manufacturing customized chemical free beds using chemically untreated wool, The Futon Shop has created the perfect process that is both simple, affordable, completely transparent, and environmentally responsible. You can view all of our chemical free mattresses made from wool online and even have your mattress custom made!


We are proud to show the iconic Woolmark logo to verify the level of quality we create. Read more about Woolmark, the global leader and certifier of high quality wool made products


Need more information? We want to be transparent as possible so you can be an educated consumer when it comes to mattresses. Learn more how The Futon Shop conforms to federal safety standards every time with or without chemical free wool!


Do you prefer cotton filled mattress but still want chemical free comfort? We use natural borate in all of our non-wool mattresses but always customize our products to fit your standard of health. You can always get our non-wool products made without the use of non-toxic fire retardants when you provide a doctor’s note!

Any one of our Mattresses can have an outer layer of wool added so there is no need for any flame retardants!
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